From the Industry

Over the last 20 years, Doriane's technique has brought countless artists to major NYC agencies.

When asked to recommend a great voiceover coach, Doriane Elliot is at the top of my list. Plain and simple, Doriane gets results with her students. They book jobs, which leads to good money and good representation.

- Billy Serow VP - Stewart Talent.

Doriane Elliott is not only an incredible, competent and nurturing voiceover coach, she is an advocate and cheerleader for all of her students. After training with Doriane, many of her students are placed with the top VO agencies in NYC. I recommend her to any artist who is looking to take their career to the next level and book!

- Karen Riposo President/manager KPA Multi Ethnic Talent.

When it comes to choosing a voiceover coach,you will literally put your money where your mouth is with Doriane Elliott. She has a discerning ear and eye for talent and turns out mensches who are a joy to know and work with.

- Suzy Friedman Friedman West Agency.


PLEASE NOTE: all classes take place at honeymix, a state-of-the-art Recording/Production Studio, where literally thousands of commercials, industrials, promos (and more) have been fully produced for air. This is also where Doriane produces all her students' demos, with longtime friend and Honey engineer extraordinaire, Conrad!

These classes will have you up behind that AKG 414 or Sennheiser Shotgun, in that booth, taking direction, and continuing to learn the art, craft, and skill of doing voice overs and being the best voice actor you can be. Yes, you'll be up in front of your peers - no edits - unless Dor's teaching a class on editing. Definitely a vocal, reading and nerves workout. Yes, a butt-kicker. But pain... is GOOD.

These classes don't come around too often, so keep checking in for more dates!

**each class is limited to a group of 8, (quality - not quantity, people!) So everyone gets enough attention, mic and playback time. Students are recorded on pro-tools, just as if you were in a casting session.

ON A PERSONAL LEVEL, Doriane is very inclusive. But on a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL? That's a whole other story. This applies to shopping people to agents, her reel production, and yes, even most importantly, her classes. This is because her STAMP is on everything she does, and reps across the board appreciate that. For example: If she has someone in one of her classes that doesn't know her 4 step technique - and all the inside magical stuff that goes along with those steps - that person would be slowing down the class, and then some. If she produced a kick ass demo for someone she didn't know, and they didn't have the goods to back that demo, she'd look like a charlatan to the agents, who could figure out reallllllly quickly that the actor wasn't up to the demo's standards... so for this, Doriane is VERY EXCLUSIVE when it comes to her students, teaching, pitching, yes, the classes.

**All of these Classes are reserved solely for students who have studied privately with Doriane Elliott. They are held in the evenings, : usually starting around 7pm, and go until the students drop. Please email Doriane at to find out when the next class is taking place.

Thanks again for the great reel! it sounds awesome (as i knew it would) you guys do fantastic work! THANK YOU -- you're f__king awesome dor. and that's all i have to say about that. XOXOXOXOBrian Cade

Wow. Great time last night learning. Thanks! I can't wait to get my butt kicked some more so I can start booking some of these amazing auditions I'm getting. XoJohn Cramer

Class was rad. I was feeling really good as the night progressed. You rock!!!Kevin Grasmann

Hey Dor. Class was FUN! I'm also writing to thank you for the vo coaching sessions. I'm sure you hear this all the time but I had an audition today and I used your techniques. The tools increased my confidence tremendously. I was able to give the engineer 3 different reads within the same general genre and he liked them all so much he said he was sending them all to the client. This wouldn't have happened before. Of course it doesn't mean I booked it, but I certainly feel that I was able to give the read a better shot as a result of your help. Thank you!Coleen

Thanks again for another wonderful butt-kicking. Your class is just awesome. John H

Thanks again for class yesterday - it was such a positive class! I cannot wait to keep working with you on VO - and cannot wait to see things take off! I have good feelings that they might, in no small part thanks to you : )Christina

Hey Doriane, Thanks for a great class and for bringing me in directly for the SGU audition. You're the only teacher I've ever heard of who lets her students observe casting sessions. That is sooo great and so helpful! Please let me know of any others I can observe...even if they're not exactly for my type! All the best,Michael (Lockwood Crouch)

Hey Teach! Jason Griffith here. I can't wait to see you again. Ever since that one class, I've really been reaping the benefits! This month I've already booked two demos for Oral B and two spots for Vonage, wall to wall copy. I've used your technique and it has been fantastic! For both the audition AND the booking. Thank you so much. I've been doing quite a number of play readings as well and I apply your flat fluid small technique...and's really almost like magic. Thanks again!Jason Griffith

Wow. That was really helpful! So good to hear feedback on my own reads and compare to everyone else's. Lot's to work on for next class and beyond. Thanks and I'll see you next Tues.Curt

dor dor - OMG!!! that class RULED! thank you SO MUCH! i can't believe that you were able to have us change our reads like that -- in the same take! like you said, i'm using this technique across the board. starting tomorrow at my on-camera.Kat

Great class! Look forward to the next one! " Thanks again! See you soon!Dave W

Hi Doriane, Wow, what a day! I wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to this class. It was amazing! I am still filled with adrenaline, and it just reaffirmed what I have been wanting to do for sooo long! What an incredible experience. Thanks again...Pam

Hey Dor. Thank you for tonite. your other students were great. I had fun. You, as always, were wonderful. Tony

Doriane, I forgot to mention that I did use your f.f.s. technique when I went in for the on-camera commercial as well and I booked it! I will get back to you very soon about that second class. Thanks again.Jason

Thanks for the opportunity to watch, and to participate today.I 'm looking forward to getting some feedback from you. Best,Mike Errico

Thanks for the audition yesterday! And class was awesome as well. See you next week!Kyra Selman

Class was great! So nice to work with such great people who are full of encouragement and positivity! thanks so much :)Janai

What a terrific class! Well structured and insightful. You rock. And I appreciate the creative and supportive vibe from all. Thanks again so much!!!Anthony

Thanks again for class! I enjoyed it. I got so much out of it!Keith Mannino

I can't say enough about my experience taking Doriane's class. Every class was so well prepared for and organized, We got an incredible amount of individual time as well as learning from watching the group. I went from someone who was insecure about auditioning and who didn't know any of the specific vocabulary, to feeling like it was a new comfort zone of mine. I recently had my first on audition and because of this class, I was at ease and not worrying about the wrong things. Walking in there and feeling confident was a pretty incredible feeling, and I'm so grateful to Dor for that.Joelle

hey, dor, Officially booked duncan hines, and an industrial for the cannes film festival. Thanks, dor!!!! it's all because of you!! love you,Carla

Thanks again so much! I am pumped up about July 1st, and this Wednesday with Suave. I am so excited to take the class on Thursday!Pam

Doriane opened me up to a whole new area of talent I didn't even know I had. She helped to strengthen my technique, especially for auditions. Her one on one training has given me the confidence to go out there and do what I came here to do.Jenny Checchia

This class exposes you to the world of commercials from top to bottom. Doriane shares everything she knows about the breaking into the industry. Siting real life examples explaining what to do and what not to do. You will hear about testimonials, copy, castings, directing and have a chance to apply all of this in the class with someone who wants you to succeed.She does this on the daily, And to top it all off, it is so much FUN!Nancy Auerbacher

Hi Teach- I just booked a new animated series for Marvel and will be recording nights. Thank you so much, by the way. The one class I took with you proved ENORMOUSLY helpful. I have been using the technique every chance I get, it even helped on set of the on-camera class as the writers were constantly writing new lines on the fly. (long and potentially confusing lines that, once I applied the f.f.s. technique, were a piece of cake!) I can't wait to study with you in the new year. Best,Jason