From the Industry

Over the last 20 years, Doriane's technique has brought countless artists to major NYC agencies.

Okay. You’ve been told you have "a great voice for Voice-Overs... "Are you an actor? Been behind the mic, but basically have no sound technique? Not booking like you should be? Work NOW with Doriane and I promise you won’t be sorry. She’ll teach you how to break down copy, feel at ease behind the mic and help shape your voice with her one-on-one unique coaching.

- Diana Lochridge Creative Director/Executive Producer WhipSmart Creative

Doriane has become a fierce career facilitator for everyone who walks through her doors, and makes sure that her clients are completely prepared to be viable, working actors; she makes them literally be "no-brainers" when it comes to agents - like me - WANTING to represent them.

- Linda Stopfer Talent Manager.

Doriane is an absolute delight to work with. She has an amazing eye for talent and is a nurturing, enthusiastic and supportive mentor who works hard for her clients and always has their best interest at heart.

- Georgeanne Bruzzese Manager CPM Talent Management

Private Coaching

Doriane teaches private voice over lessons as needed on a per student basis, free from the limitations or commitments required through package deals. Experience has shown that while some students are already established in the voice-over industry and simply need professional tweaking in one area, a beginning student may need extended lessons before cutting his or her reel.

To further illustrate, Doriane has successfully coached new students who had already been heard on scores of Promos but needed help in booking commercially, while other commercially successful new students required Doriane's instruction in booking Promos. For the beginning students, Doriane realizes the importance of the initial meeting with an agent or casting director, and for this reason she works with each student until fully prepared.

Too often Doriane has acquired students from package deal teachers and has had to re-teach everything they "learned", while helping to salvage their reels. Private lessons are 60 minutes of intense work.

Not booking those mp3 auditions from home? The doctor is in. For those of you who are one of Doriane's students with your own home set-up, and want to make sure your auditions are spot-on before sending, you can reach out to Dor via email, send your mp3's to her, and she'll go over your audition with you. At that point, you can either re-do and re-send back to Doriane for another listen, or if you're confident you've taken her re-direct and have accomplished what she suggested, send it on to your agent, or whoever requested it from you in the first place!

Doriane also teaches her former students this way who just want to start analyzing their reads. Back and forth until Doriane hits 60 minutes, and that constitutes a full session.
(These analyzing "sessions" are billed by 15 minute increments.)


Long before COVID, Doriane had been teaching her students from all corners of the world. First it was Skype. Now it's FaceTime and Zoom. For over 25 years, she's been figuring out how to balance the time difference between NYC and England, Hong Kong, Dubai, and the list goes on.

she makes you WANT to learn, and laugh while you’re learning! I still get coaching from Doriane, after all these years as a successful voice-over actor!Timothi Jane Graham

Dor, thank you for the hard work today. I like getting my ass kicked and I love getting better. And I just want to let you know that you just lit my fire. I will bust my ass to get this. Have a great weekend! P.S I am drinking tequila right now to help lick my wounds. !Douglas Taurel

Happy early Thanksgiving! This year, I'm grateful for you: just found out I booked a pharma ad!!!! Woo Hoo!Helen Laser

Doriane, It was such a pleasure meeting you on Wednesday! Not only was it one of the most informative lessons I have EVER taken, but you were also a wonderful host and I really truly enjoyed my time and felt so welcome and at home. And nothing cures a cramping hand (all those notes!) knowing I'm on the right path, so thank you. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet you and learn from you! I have been doing my homework - practicing FFS, looking up artists, and listening to commercials. Also, now I can officially say I am one of those girls on the train constantly talking to myself as I go over the copy in the ads. Which is perfect - I was looking for a way to be a little bit stranger in public! Honestly though, the session was so informative and also reaffirming: yes you can do this - just start working harder and working smarter! I'm looking forward to taking more lessons with you in the future. All the bestChristina (the girl with the flowers in her hair)

Hi Dor- All hail FFS!!!! Just booked national and cable for CIBA Contacts/ Eye care and was put on hold for Aquafresh. All hail Teach!! Thank you for the insights and tools! See you soon.Jason G

HOLY S#$T! i booked the job!!! zyrtec!!!!! F*&CK yeah!!! records friday! whooooooooooohoooooooo!!!!!! (...and two days later...) Ok as if that wasn't enough good news... found out also I booked a SAG industrial for web MD that shoots Monday! When it rains it pours, right? Anyway, wanted to let you know also because I wanted to tell you how much your teaching and working with me over the years has helped me get better at auditioning, not just in voiceovers but in every situation. I went to this audition and I know I booked it because I know now how not to simply 'read' the copy. I found the words- just how you taught me- i hemmed and hawed. I made it conversational. anyway, thanks for everything. LOVE YA!Nadia gan

Hey Dor! I wanted to let you know that Abrams called me today and he said they want to sign me. Across the board! Of course this would not have happened without you, and I am more grateful than I can express in an e-mail. Dor, thank you! Very bestAva Eisenson

I just booked another on-camera job and I know that it is thanks to you! I have been a fairly steady booker, but lately, i just FEEL it so much more... it's more real and less of a "did i do it right?" so, thank you. you've got an amazing way of teaching with USABLE tricks and techniques that make sense! and you are so right when you say that your techniques apply to everything in this business. MWAH!!!! xoxoJanai

Hi Doriane, I hope all is well! Just booked a part on a show - with an accent! Details to follow when I can shout it out. the tweaks you gave me helped tremendously! I'm in LA for meetings, I'll set an appointment up with you upon my return. Enjoy the Spring weather in the City! xoxoCaprice

Hey dor i’m taking your last shout to heart and signing up for some improv classes at the PIT. i had a pretty terrible improv experience YEARS ago in chicago and have been terrified of it since.. but i realize its one of those things in my career i CAN control and i just need to fucking do it. everything good in my career in the last decade has come from knowing you.. so i gotta listen... again. i blame you. xoxo happy holidaysBrian C.

Doriane, I am SO glad I listened to FACEBOOK Friends and signed up for your class! This has been a great start to my commercial career, and i can't wait to start applying the FFS, and everything else - all of it- to my auditions. you have a GREAT technique! Thanks so much for everything!Brandon H.

Hey I just wanted to thank you for today. It actually felt awesome and I had a wonderful time jumping back into this. Ready to get back to WORK!Melissa Jones

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you personally. The guidance, training, and mentoring you afforded my wife Elizabeth Mialaret has been nothing short of miraculous. It seems she is constantly auditioning and booking these days. What you did, the path you showed her, revitalized her artistic spirit. So, from me to you, thank you. If there is ever anything I can do in return, you need only ask. Elizabeth Mialaret's Husband

Latest update! Booked and recorded Strong Roots with Linda and Got my first renewal last night for a HIMS spot from last year. Was also asked availability for bulleit bourbon through Ingrid for end of next week, Skyrizi is a GO, and More Advent Health spots down the road! I'd say it was a great year!Brandon

Still waiting on Bulleit. They’re waiting till the 11th hour to apparently… don’t know if I’m on hold, they only asked for avail for tomorrow and Monday. "Thanks, Dor! I just booked an Alcatel mobile! F.F.S.!! All the way! It just frees you up to take any direction and be super quick about it. I owe you! By the way, two of my lady friends were thanking me profusely for introducing them to you via your private lessons. You rule, and everyone knows it. Best,Jason

HOLY SHIZA! I would not have had the chutzpa to do this without your vote of confidence and help with the preparation. I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with you! Holy Moly. Have a great day! MUAH MUAH! MUAH! BestestTammy

Guess who booked and recorded ALL of Independence Blue Cross's TV and Radio ads for the next year? Thank you, Dor! xo As AlwaysHelen