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Doriane teaches private voice over lessons as needed on a per student basis, free from the limitations or commitments required through package deals. Experience has shown that while some students are already established in the voice-over industry and simply need professional tweaking in one area, a beginning student may need extended lessons before cutting his or her reel.

To further illustrate, Doriane has successfully coached new students who had already been heard on scores of Promos but needed help in booking commercially, while other commercially successful new students required Doriane's instruction in booking Promos. For the beginning students, Doriane realizes the importance of the initial meeting with an agent or casting director, and for this reason she works with each student until fully prepared.

Too often Doriane has acquired students from package deal teachers and has had to re-teach everything they "learned", while helping to salvage their reels. Private lessons are 50 minutes of intense work.


Every five weeks Doriane offers workshops which are exclusive to either beginners or to her current advanced students only. Advanced students who already have their reels get the benefit of having agents come in while being "held hostage", to listen to the actors both behind the mic, and all of their reels as well. Beginning student workshops cover the essential ins and outs, do's and don'ts that only an experienced professional can teach. Classes are kept small for more mic time.

NEW! Doriane is now teaching on-camera commercial classes with fellow Casting Director Ian Weiss.
Classes are small - no more than 5 students to 2 Casting Directors! They will teach you to become extremely comfortable in front of the camera by starting you with testimonials. Thinking on your toes. You'll be doing mock Casting sessions with your peers. You will go over copy, and do lots of fun exercises - all things you'd expect at a real Casting Session. (see more details in On Camera Classes.) 


Your "reel", or "minute" as they like to refer to it in the voice over world, is your calling card. This is something you don't want to do in your basement studio. Don't try and produce it yourself, and for Pete's sake don't go to Joe Schmo's sound studio, who doesn't know a thing about producing a commercial, let alone five – which is about how many spots you'll need for your reel, all of course edited down to about a minute in total. A complete reel produced by Doriane in a state-of-the-art studio Phantom Audio, with SFX, music, and an awesome engineer who literally records and builds National commercials everyday should take anywhere between 3 - 4 hours from start to finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Doriane does not produce reels for anyone she feels is not ready, for the following reasons: It'll cost you more money in studio time to do more takes… which will require more edits… which could lead to an amazing reel… that you don't have the chops to back up… then you blow an audition with an agent! As a hopeful voice over actor, you've just lost your chance with that agent. Patience! When you're ready, Doriane will put her time and experience in on your reel, and you will sound as good as what's been recorded.

"SKYPE-OVER" private lessons: unlike lots of "coaches" who offer to teach you over the phone, Doriane will teach those of you who are far away via skype. Doriane needs to SEE you read; she needs to see you move your body as you speak in order to get you the best reads. And btw, how would you like it if some teacher is "listening" to you on the other end of the phone, and is actually folding laundry? doing her nails? typing emails???? yup, this could happen to you. Doriane has taught students from all over the USA, and many different parts of the world, including Hong Kong, England, and Dubai.

The Audition Physician. Not booking those mp3 auditions from home? The doctor is in. For those of you with your own home set-up, and want to make sure your auditions are spot-on before sending, you can email your mp3's to Doriane, and for $10/listen, she'll email you back her critique, where you can either re-do and re-send back to Doriane for another listen, or if you're confident you've taken her re-direct and have accomplished what she suggested, send it on to your agent, or whoever requested it from you! Doriane also teaches students this way who just want to start analyzing their reads. back and forth until Doriane hits 50 minutes, and that constitutes a lesson. 


" I can't tell you how many students I've gotten who didn't do their research when taking on a coach, and/or a studio to produce their (unusable) reels. I always tell folks to shop around, ask questions, and ask to hear reels that these people have produced. Everyone and their uncle has a recording studio, or can hire one. But do they record commercials for a living? Anyone can teach, but are they a WORKING actor? Casting Director? Agent? Or, is this a means to an end for them? Ask questions like, "if you're an actor, do you have anything on the air?" or if you're a casting director, what was the last thing you cast? Etc. This is your precious time, and your money.



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