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A HUGE thank you...working with you has been SO awesome. I've loved getting to know you, and all of your help and encouragement has been amazing. Obviously the universe wanted us to meet, and I'm SO glad it did. And...I LOVE MY REEL!!! I cannot wait to get started.
I can't say enough about Doriane. Within a week of completing my demo, I was freelancing with a new agent AND manager. Beyond the skills she teaches you to book in the booth, she helps cultivate your entire package. On top of all of this, she genuinely CARES about her students. Working with Doriane isn't just a business transaction, its a RELATIONSHIP. Love!! AGENCY: JBTM
I am so glad I found Doriane! Her full proof approach to commercial copy provides you with POWERFUL tools to take into any audition room. She truly cares about your career as an actor, and wants to make sure you get to the next level! She has connected me to so many wonderful people, and I never would have found my way in the world of commercial VO without her. AGENCY: JBTM
Doriane is a brilliant and gifted teacher who knows the VO business inside-out. I am struck again and again by how smart she is and how sensitive her ears are; not a single word or syllable uttered incorrectly escapes her attention. But this quest for perfection does not make her an exacting teacher, instead she nurtures her students with utmost respect, compassion and patience, helping them reach their potential. More than a VO Coach, she is a mentor to her students constantly guiding them in their career path- she fully vests herself in her students' overall journey & success. Her connections in the voice-over industry are deep, her meet and greets with agents & managers invaluable. Doriane is a true gift as a VO coach and a gem of a human being! AGENCY: IFM
Ms. Dor is the BEST V.O. coach, mom-ager, and HUMAN in existence. Not only is she a MASTER teacher, but she makes sure that her students are competitive and successful within the VoiceOver Industry by helping them create a reel and submit for auditions (without breaking a sweat!). I have never worked with a more selfless, professional, caring, and FUN coach. Her honest, no B.S. style is incredibly refreshing in an industry where coaches tend to tell you what you want to hear just to rake in the money. She truly puts her all into every session. Thanks to her, I have been rocking auditions and booking amazing gigs left and right!So, if you’re looking for a V.O. coach- look no further. Sign up for your first session with Ms. Dor right NOW!
I started my lessons with Doriane one month before lockdown and she was the shining ball of light I needed! After years of theatre training and experience, I was excited to begin this new field, and she was just the right person to guide me along. Thanks to her, I’m now auditioning regularly through a couple agents and having a blast as a VO artist. Thanks so much, I could write paragraphs more!
Dor has an ear and she knows how to use it! She also knows how to TEACH it, which is a whole other beast. She is a sharp breaker of bad habits, and her techniques are clear and practical. Using them has changed my game, and even helped me booked two on-camera spots already. Am I allowed to say "BAD ASS?!?"
Doriane is an absolutely wonderful voiceover coach. I was a working audiobook narrator before meeting Doriane, but I wanted to transition into commercial voiceover. Doriane got me there! She teaches techniques that work and is invested in each of her students’ careers. I had worked with several other voiceover teachers before meeting Doriane, and she is hands down the best. She just produced my voiceover demo and I couldn’t be happier!
Doriane is one of those mentors/teachers that don’t come around very often. She is not only so knowledgeable on the business and her craft, but she is a talent cheerleader! When I am having a lesson, working on copy with her, I believe I can do anything and reach any goal I set my mind to. I have never had someone believe in me and my abilities as much are Doriane. I shout her name from every roof top and NYC fire escape! THANK YOU! Blessed to have you in my life.
I am so grateful for the incredible training I've gotten from Doriane. Her honesty, awareness, and care have given me such a boost in my voiceover journey. I feel much more confident approaching a script through her straightforward tools and techniques, and am so thrilled to have a commercial demo that I'm truly proud of. Her knowledge and expertise made the seemingly daunting process of creating a demo fun and fulfilling, and I am still amazed at how beautifully it turned out. She's just the best!!
Doriane's coaching is the total package. Not only does she guide you through clear, step-by-step, intuitively-human-but-technically-foolproof strategies for approaching every kind of copy, she partners with you to create a vision for your career as a whole. And once she's in there with you, she's all in. In three months with Dor, I've generated more momentum and gained a better understanding of myself as an artist and a brand than I'd had in years of one-offs with other coaches -- and had a ball doing it! She is, quite simply, the best.
Doriane Elliott ROCKS. As a Teacher the techniques, skills and discipline Dor passes on are invaluable. They are great tools for beginners in the VO field as well as for those of us who have been doing it a long time but are in need of a tune up in order to keep audition & booking reads fresh. Dor just produced and directed the updates to all three of my VO reels and I couldn't be happier or prouder of them. I feel totally armed with my new reels in my pocket. Working with Doriane is hands down the best thing I have done for myself (& my booking rate!) in years. AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
I started class with Doriane worrying that I might not have the “right voice” for voiceover, and before I could even finish that thought she got me listening to demos, researching commercials, listening to other VO professionals whose career paths mirror mine, and feeling confident that I have what it takes to do this professionally! She is chock-full of so much insight and industry knowledge, a nd she got me totally ready to set my career in motion. Before I even recorded my commercial reel I booked my first big spot, which is a true testament to her teaching. I have the tools and technique in my back pocket, and I am proud to be a Doriane disciple! AGENCY: DBA
Dor is an incredible coach with her finger on the pulse of VO right now. I’ve learned and practiced all types of commercial copy and their genre specific nuances. When I was ready to make my Demo, Dor let me know, it was magical and I couldn’t be happier to shop it around. Then she got me connected with two amazing agents. Now I’m working on my career and so thankful to have Dor in my corner to support and cheer me on!
Doriane Elliott starts out as a coach and ends up as, well Dor, your best advocate and friend. Her methodology is startlingly effective giving you the tools to go into any audition, pick up any piece of copy, and know how to make it work. She’s in your head. You can hear her guidance, see the steps you need to take for that audition to be the best it can be. But she also sees you holistically. She guides your entire journey, not just your VO journey. She hand holds you through the chrysalis phase of your development and then tells you to spread those wings and fly. You know she’s always there for a tune up, advice, and a big fat smile. The most encouraging and results getting coach I’ve ever worked with. Not enough words to praise her support and wisdom in how to navigate the business. Love that Dor!! AGENCY: JBTM
I trained with Doriane over a period of 3-4 months before making my demo and my voice feels almost unrecognisable in it's quality now! She has a great ear for determining both what is currently trending in bookings and what sound YOU should have and I have never felt more challenged and more grateful that someone gave me so much of herself to enhance my career. But most importantly, I found a new love for voice over working with her and am putting this joy back into my work. Many thanks Dor! And much love x
It is so hard to put into words the wonder that is Doriane Elliott. She has molded me into a dynamic voice actor and given me the tools and technique to navigate everything from the first cold read, to booking the job with ease, professionalism, and grace. On top of all that, she is a warm and nurturing presence- she cares deeply about her student’s well being in all facets of their lives. I cannot say enough about this woman… she has changed me as both an artist and human being. I am forever grateful.
I feel super lucky to have met and worked with Doriane. She's way more than a vocal coach, she's a career coach. The difference between Doriane and other vocal coaches is that she genuinely cares and wants you to succeed. Dor was able to see my strengths right away and map out a career path for me. I always leave my sessions with Dor feeling inspired and motivated! AGENCY: JBTM
Where do I even start? I came to you as a VO beginner and you revamped my whole career! Not only did you take the time to carefully and enthusiastically teach me methods that WORK but you did it all with tough love and encouragement. You’re so in touch with the business but you also care deeply about people and that’s a rare commodity. Working with you was the best investment in my career so far. I have so much gratitude for you!
Doriane immediately puts you at ease. You really get that she wants you to succeed - and she is a fierce advocate for her students. She helps you zoom in to find the rhythm, focus on what needs to be accomplished, and finds the most effective way to do so. She cracks the whip, but it's tons of fun. Fierce, focused, and fun = Doriane! AGENCY: JBTM
If you want to learn to be a top notch voice over performer you’ve come to the right place with Doriane! Her technique will get you ready to walk into any room with the ability to pull a variety of styles out of your tool chest. Thanks so much for the help making my demo reel and for all the coaching - both voice over and life :)
Dear Coach Dor, In French that's Coach of Gold, you know! and you are indeed! I couldn't let the week end without expressing to you how beyond over the moon I am about my reel. The more I listen to it the more wonderful it sounds. The people I've played it for ALL say "amazing!" There's no way I could possibly have done this without you. You helped me understand my strengths and replace my weaknesses with valuable new habits. Now I have a solid technique that I can confidently rely on plus the added bonus of your career guidance. So my heartiest thanks and appreciation for your expertise, your commitment and your love. The party's just getting started and I'm so thrilled to be a VIP on your list!
Doriane is truly the best! Not only does she deeply care about and support each and every one of her students, she makes training incredibly enjoyable and accessible. I always look forward to our sessions, and leave having learned a new trick of the trade. I have used several of her voice over techniques for other realms of the business, and I feel confident walking into the booth with the tools she has given me during our training together. AGENCY: JBTM
Where to begin with Doriane?!? I came to her for help starting my voiceover career, but she covers EVERYTHING. Firstly, Dor's lessons are thorough, comprehensive and fun; she teaches with patience and compassion, but holds her students to a professional standard. Knowing that it's an investment, she doesn't record a student's reel until she knows the student is audition ready; her reels are of such high quality that, in my case, I started to freelance with TWO new reps within TWO DAYS of recording mine. Unlike many teachers in this business who thrive on a tribe of symbiotic repeat clients, once I had produced my reel and was comfortable in the VO booth, Doriane let me go; I come in for a touch-up once every few months, but she has NEVER pressured me into continuing to spend money on unnecessary lessons. Besides our work in voice over, she connected me to a network of positive, loving, working creatives in New York; she set me up meetings with rep I love, and recommended me to an acting class I have attended every week without fail for the past six months. Thanks to Doriane, I've gone on commercial, hosting and VO auditions, and have appeared in short films and comedy shows- we've only known each other nine months, but with her help, I've gotten so much done!!! Dor has her finger on the pulse of the VO world; she is plugged into the business, but more importantly, she is a relentlessly encouraging teacher who cares deeply for each and every one of her students. AGENCY: JBTM
Not only does Doriane know how to link your work together to make an amazing, effective reel with a competitive edge; she is a truly amazing person and a delight to be around. I feel lucky to know and work with Doriane. Everyone should be so lucky! xo AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
Where to begin about Dor? Flawless and clear technique, impeccable eye and ear for copy, masterful demo-creator, unbelievable commitment to her students in and beyond the classroom, and a remarkable human being to boot. She is one of those amazing women who, whatever she does, she does well. If you are looking for a Commercial and Voice Over coach with the perfect balance of encouragement, technique, and honesty, you've found her. Want proof? Watch TV, listen to the radio- yup, they're probably her students. Under her guidance, I have a terrific demo and a solid, dependable technique that brings me joy and gets me work. What more could you ask for? AGENCY: DBA
Doriane has 100% helped me take my VO game to a whole new level. I was booking some before, but knew I had a lot more to offer...now, I am getting specifically called in by some casting directors, and have so many more tools to bring into the room with me! You will not find a more generous, supportive and truly caring cheerleader than Doriane. I am so very grateful for Doriane's gentle but no BS guidance - highly, highly recommend!
Doriane has been both an invaluable voice over coach and overall mentor to me. Not only does she make sure I understand the best way to read, analyze and give my best performance for a voice over audition, she also helped me put together a strong reel that showcased my strengths. She is also open and willing to give career advice when I need it. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to either start a career or advance their career in voice over. AGENCY: JBTM
I can't speak highly enough of Doriane. She's so much more than just an excellent teacher. She's a career coach, an (unofficial) manager, a connector, a friend, a cheerleader, etc. She truly cares about her students and their success. She gives you all the skills you need, knows everything about (and everyone in) the industry, has a perfect ear, makes you sound your best, and on and on... I came into my first lesson completely clueless. After just a few months, I recorded my demo reel (which I LOVE) and booked my first voiceover gig that same week! All thanks to Dor. I count my lucky stars that I was led to her - she's a complete treasure. THANK YOU!!!!! AGENCY: JBTM
Doriane is an amazing teacher, first rate advocate, and all around great human being. With her tools, I feel prepared for any voice over audition and job. It is very simple, if you practice practice practice you will book book book. Doriane is also the biggest cheerleader and advocate for her students. She has great connections with casting directors, agents and managers and has helped many of her students get signed and/or called in. Finally, she helped me create and record a top notch voice over reel that has opened doors for me in the industry. Doriane is a bright and shining light in a hazy and crazy industry.
Doriane ROCKED my world and gave me new life as a voice-over artist! She teaches a very specific and unique technique that you can actually rely on. Through her I met my manager who sends me out on auditions often. One of those auditions was a casting for Doriane; which I booked. Doriane is a one-stop-shop where you get everything you need to succeed! It's rare to find a teacher who genuinely cares about her students the way she does and I love my new commercial voice-over reel that we created together!! Thank you Doriane, you're some kind of wonderful! AGENCY: JBTM
If there's anyone in the city that will set you up for success in this industry, it's Doriane. She's simply the cream of the crop when it comes to voiceover coaching. Her technique makes sense, it's super intuitive and clear and working with her is just plain FUN, our sessions were often my favorite part of the week. Plus, she's not just arming you with strong technique, she's supporting you as a person, as an actor, guiding you in all the different facets of your career. Within days of recording my reel, I had agents emailing me. The proof is in the pudding, and chances are you won't regret making the investment if you're serious about a career in voiceover.
Doriane takes more of an interest in your career than anyone will. She knows how to wake your ass up, teach you what you need to succeed, and get you in the door! She is an astonishing coach and human being. I just love her! AGENCY: JBTM
As a newbie to the voiceover industry, the best decision I ever made was contact Doriane. Doriane’s coaching sets you up for success. Not only does she teach you effective techniques and coaches you through every kind of copy, but she is also genuinely invested in your career. Her mentorship is invaluable. Dor’s industry insight, direction, connections and caring nature helped me find my voice (pun intended) and gave me the training and confidence to dive right into voiceover work. She is also extremely talented at producing VO reels and coaches you through the whole process until you create something you are proud of. Doriane is so supportive and celebrates your successes with you. There is a reason she is the best in the biz! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Dor is no nonsense- she both pushes and supports you not only to expand your VO skills and range but to put together all the pieces that lead to success in this business. The techniques she's taught me have made me better at auditioning in general and I've made so many great connections through working with her, including meeting my manager through which I booked my first Network TV and feature film roles. She is the perfect combination of tough and patient. Thank you Dor!!! AGENCY: JBTM
Doriane not only provides incredible technique instruction, but also excellent advice. Private lessons, group classes and meet-and-greets, Dor does it all, knows her stuff and has built a great network around her. She is an excellent coach, no matter your skill level. She also just directed and produced my updated reel, and I am in LOVE with it! Looking forward to continuing to expand my skillset with her help. AGENCY: JBTM
Doriane is simply amazing. She's one of the best no-nonsense, butt-kicking, loving, and supportive teachers out there. She put together an awesome reel for me and has helped me start to take my career in voiceover to the next level. I cannot thank her enough! AGENCY: JBTM
If you want to work in voiceovers then you need to study with Doriane. She one of the most generous, funny and gifted teachers in the industry. She will get you to where you need to be to book the jobs. I have booked Bose, Instyler, Starbucks and Lord and Taylor in the last few months and I couldn't have done it with out Doriane! Thank you so much!!! When you ask the universe to help you get work in voiceovers, it send you Doriane. AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
Doriane has helped my career more in one year than anyone else has in the last six, combined. That is not an exaggeration. She cares deeply about her students and her no-nonsense approach let me know exactly what I needed to work on, and how. She asked what I wanted out of my career and has helped me realize that. Dor introduced me to several agents who send me on auditions and set me up with fantastic people to create my acting demo reel and head shots. She helped me record an amazing voice over reel that has helped me immensely. I cannot recommend her more highly. AGENCY: JBTM
I had so much fun recording! Thank you for making it all happen — so effortlessly — and for challenging me to be utterly human on mic. Not only do you rock my socks, you rock my shoes and laces, too. AGENCY: JBTM
Doriane has been the most encouraging, honest, and helpful coach with superwoman capabilities! Not only has she been essential in assisting me move forward with my career, she's also helped me move forward in life in general. She let’s you know what’s really up, and always guides you in the best direction possible. Perhaps it’s a combination of her warmth, humor, and on-point coaching, but Dor exudes a positive, abundant flow of energy that allows her students to thrive! Also, separate from VO, I feel like I could call her in a any sort of crisis and she would know exactly what to do…seriously, superwoman capabilities! AGENCY: Abrams
Doriane Elliott is a fabulous teacher. She has developed a technique that not only helps make one a better Voice Over actor, but also a better Actor!! Not only do you get in depth help with learning the ins and out of Voice Over copy, but she also is extremely supportive for your career as a whole. I have never enjoyed learning as much as I do with Doriane. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have fun in a Voice Over booth. AGENCY: JBTM
Doriane is the ONLY game in town. Spend an hour with Dor and she’ll help you unlock the secrets of VO while helping you to discover your unique voice and where you and your voice belong in this biz. She is the master of conquering tricky copy and has tips and tricks that go well beyond VO. I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to help create my reel and her ongoing support and knowledge of trends make her a lifelong teacher and coach.
Dor, thank you for giving me the polished, professional reel that truly shows off who I am and what I can do! Now I can face every audition with confidence! AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
Most incredible and generous coach! I feel so fortunate to have Doriane on my team. She's got the tools, knows how to teach them, and loves every minute of it. AGENCY: DDO ARTISTS AGENCY
Doriane is everything a good coach should be; Honest, highly skilled in her field, supportive, and clear. Beyond the amazing technique that she eloqeuntly and easily teaches, she knows so much about the industry and guides her students in all aspects from websites, to agents to home studio setup. All this is done with humor and a generosity that is unparalleled. Doriane has opened a whole new world to me, and I am beyond grateful to have her as a teacher, mentor, and friend. AGENCY: DDO - WEBSITE
Doriane is THE BEST!!! My acting life changed 180 degrees since working with her. I now have a foolproof way to prep copy, a demo that rocks, and representation I never would have met without her. Besides she's just a totally cool person to get to spend time with honest, funny, caring, and insanely smart about vo and the industry as a whole!!!
Doriane has an incredible ability to be a fierce coach and a loving mentor simultaneously. Her bluntness and supportiveness helped transform my voiceover craft. Her technique is simple, straight forward, and helps yield a great read. Doriane also produced my demo. Once I was ready, she walked me through the process from beginning to end. Doriane has a great sense of humor, an abundance of knowledge, and provides direct and honest feedback. Working with her has given me confidence, increased my love for voiceovers, and provided me great opportunities. Dor, you open doors. Thank you!
Doriane turns everyday human speech into art. I'm not sure how she does it. Possibly she is a wizard. Working with Doriane goes far beyond lesson time--you get her experience in the field and her enthusiastic support. She is endlessly generous with her time, honest but patient, and always gives you her best. You are the best!
Doriane organizes seminars at her place where she'll call an agent/casting director in to meet with her students. get this: wine, cheese, and somebody who wants to hear all about "you." pretty great, huh? we recently had one with Jenevieve Brewer from About Face Talent. it was an incredible evening - having a "one on one" with jenevieve, getting pointers and learning about the business from her (and doriane, of course) - as well as getting to hang with lots of great people - a fantastic evening all-around. AGENCY: Arcieri
THANK YOU!! Just read your note three times...makes me feel so loved :) You deserve something SOOO LOVELY because you are such a lovely person. Lovely, loving, supportive, caring, kick ass, and so wonderful. and my demo kicks butt!! I absolutely love it. I can't stop listening to it! xoxoxo talk soon AGENCY: CESD
I honestly couldn't be more appreciative of the time, encouragement, tools, and all around guidance Dor has given me!! I'll admit I was a bit apprehensive when I first jumped in, but she immediately put me at ease. She's hysterical, and a lovely soul in general. Dor truly gives you the knowledge, polish, and confidence you need to reach your fullest potential. AND.. I am absolutely thrilled with my reel!! THANK YOU DOR! LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!
Doriane is an amazing, magical goddess that has been invaluable to my growth as an actor. Her way of teaching VO rams home the technical aspects without really thinking about it, making it a fun and easy transition to bring energy and expression to the voice. Along with guiding me through my voiceover journey Dor has helped keep me on track with every aspect of my acting career. I could not be more grateful or excited to have her in my corner! Thank you so freaking much!!!!!!!!
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Dor will be your friend, ally, and champion. She helped me get my butt in gear - not only with my VO career, but my On Camera career as well. This is the first time I feel like I have a professional truly in my corner. I felt like she invested in me and supported me; I have come such a long way, and I've only known her for under a year! I can't wait to see the places I'll go with her future help and guidance. P.S. - She's hilarious, you'll have so much fun!!
Doriane makes it all make sense. She explains her process in a way that makes it so easy to translate into the audition and the job and, most importantly, she's just fun! AGENCY: DBA
Okay. So I�ve auditioned for you, maybe.... a half dozen times...of those 6, I've been on hold for two national spots and booked the university of Bridgeport spot.... can you say mojo mama? Xxxxxxoooooo WEBSITE
I love you Dor. They just don't come any better. You're this crazy rare combination of a fantastic teacher at the top of your game and as genuine, kind and supportive a person as I've ever come across in this business, in any business! I feel damn lucky to have found you.
Studying with Doriane is the best thing I've done for my career in years! Her finger is on the pulse of the voiceover industry and she's able to coach in a way that is straight forward and accessible. This culminated in putting together an awesome reel that makes me feel truly competitive in the industry! She's also helped me to feel unstuck in my acting career, giving me small, manageable tools to start moving forward again. But more than anything, the degree to which she genuinely cares about her students is astounding. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to have someone like Doriane in your corner. She is a rare gem in this industry! Thanks, Dor!
Doriane has the most amazing intuitive ability to see what makes each individual actor unique, and makes you feel so empowered and proud of what you have to bring to the world by coaching you to work in-line with your acting-type. Her honesty is always blunt but with the utmost compassion. This - combined with her unique style of training technique - has helped me grow tremendously as a voice-over artist. I could not be more happy with my demo which I created with Dor, and how far I�ve come since coaching with her. I LOVE THIS WOMAN
Doriane has the incredible ability to hear the slightest inflections of the voice and communicate the nuance needed to make a piece of copy come alive. She created a teaching environment that allowed me to feel comfortable to develop my instrument.
Working with Doriane was amazing!! Not only did I get a killer demo, but Doriane became such a mentor to me in our time coaching and working together. I learned so many skills, as well as how to re-approach my career as a whole. After auditioning for voiceovers for years, I finally grasped an understanding of what I was actually doing. Doriane taught me a way to approach a copy or an audition I never knew existed. You're the best, Dor!! AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
Hey Dor, I just want to say thank you so very much for all of your advice and support. You are such a wonderful coach and so inspiring to work with. Your casual way of teaching and insight is so comforting. I feel as though I can confide in you in so many ways. You rock! Your techniques can be applied in all walks of life! So much love to you xoxo. Love, AGENCY: DBA
Can you imagine having your very own Mama Rose? Doriane Elliott is a superb teacher who imparts a clear, tremendously valuable technique with SO MUCH LOVE. She is tough, wickedly funny and one of the most genuine people you could ever hope to know. This lady ROCKS and she makes damn sure that you will too! AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
Thanks again for the demo, Dor! I absolutely love it. My Toronto agent thought it was terrific!!! and guess what? booked my first commercial VO! A PSA for Bridgestone about driving safely. Should be on all the major networks! I got it based on the VO reel alone, so thanks for that!! Nice to see it's paying off!! : ) xoxo, claire AGENCY: ARCIERI
Working with Dor has been great . She's really taught me so much, and I've come very far with her. And I love her because she's like your cool aunt, best friend and tough-love field hockey coach all rolled into one! AGENCY: CESD
hey, dor!!!Thank you again, so much, for all your time and energy last night. I am super excited to start sending this sucker around. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!! I COULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU, and i couldn't have booked Paraguard without you!!! you're the very best, Ava! AGENCY: Paradigm
Doriane organized a most successful meet and greet night with Jenevieve Brewer from About Face. Meeting with agents and casting directors can be incredibly daunting, but Doriane created an environment that made everyone feel at ease. I felt comfortable and confident and was given a rare opportunity for one-on-one time with a top New York agent! I am so grateful for the opportunities that Doriane has thrown at me. I met her a couple of years ago hoping to begin a career as a voiceover artist, and not only has she helped me in that- every other aspect of my career as a young actor has blossomed too! You da best!!!!! AGENCY: ATLAS TALENT
Hi Dor! i just wanted to tell you i did the spot for St. George's University and it went great! Thanks so much for your endless support. I had such a wonderful time with Mary on Saturday (it was a long day because we had to wait for client approval) so I got to hear all about how you guys grew up together and ended up doing what you're doing now. She is so cool and so are you and I feel really lucky to have found you. Thanks for all of your help! AGENCY: STEWART TALENT
Working with Doriane is challenging, educational and FUN. Before I knew it, we'd put a demo tape together that presents me at my best - better than I knew I could be! in fact my agent at Innovative Artists already has both demos she Produced up on Voice Bank. Dori's warmth and talent will do the same for you! AGENCY: INNOVATIVE ARTISTS
Working with Dor is a fantastic experience - she is really encouraging and takes the time to break things down in clear, concise manner. If you want to get into voiceovers Doriane is person you need to work with! I absolutely LOVE my demo, and I've gotten great feedback on it. Because she is a working casting director she is on point with industry trends and knows exactly what clients are looking for. Also, she is just an all-around amazing person - someone you definitely want in your corner. I'm so happy we met!
Studying with Doriane has been exactly the kick in the pants I needed to take my voice over skills to the next level. Doriane has a remarkable ear and knowledge of the business - she is able to catch underlying habits and pinpoint ruts that had been holding me back for years. Plus, her honest and insightful critiques are always backed by enthusiasm and a belief that you can do it, which is infectious. A true teacher. Her technique works and can come to your rescue when audition nerves take over, providing so many tools and options to open up your versatility. Every lesson I walked away feeling and knowing I had truly gotten *that* much better, and I also had a blast during the process. Thank you so much, Dor!
As an outsider to the world of vo i could not be more grateful to have doriane as a guide. she is the most refreshingly straightforward person i've ever worked with and i so appreciate her candidness. the technique she teaches, the advice she gives--her whole approach--is obviously geared toward practicality and actually helping her students get work.
Working with Doriane was so much fun and so beneficial in so many ways! I feel confident more than ever to walk into an audition and conquer the work! She takes such great care of her "kids" and I'm lucky to be one of them!! THANK YOU DOR! AGENCY: DBA
Dor. You're a master of your craft. At every lesson, it's evident that learning from you is learning from the best. You not only shared your unlimited knowledge but you also generously guide my career. You taught me to embrace my real voice and use it! Together we developed my range. Oh, and you're insanely fun! Dor you've truly made me love voice over.
Doriane is an incredibly thoughtful and devoted coach. She has helped my VO technique immensely and has guided me in my career in an invaluable way. She is an industry expert whose advice and techniques I trust and respect and I am so thankful to be able to work with her. When I look at where I was when we started together verses where I am now, I know that I have her guidance and support to thank!
Working with Doriane has had profound effects on my craft and career. Her fierce attention to detail and nuance has deepened my acting work tremendously and her training has opened up a whole new world for me singing vocally. I had unique challenges coming in to the work - I come from a dance background and had regional dialect isms. Through it all Doriane has been an absolute cheerleader and has problem solved every bit of the way with me. I am grateful for this beautiful woman - she is the best. Absolute professional, huge heart and the best non-football hardcore coach you will ever find. Thanks Dor!!
Doriane Elliott is a saint. She's direct, honest, and knowledgeable. She understands this industry and can see where an actor's strengths and weaknesses lie. Once she takes you as a student, you're never alone. You can text her for advice before an audition, she cheers you on when you book something, picks you up when you don't, and acts like a mother hen to all her students. Her meet and greets with top agents are exclusive and intimate. Almost all of my bookings have come from them. She presents you, when you're ready, proudly and in the best light for you to audition. She teaches you tools that help in all auditions, voice over and otherwise. She guides you in all aspects of your career and never coddles or lies to you. You can trust you're getting the truth. I can't go on about Doriane enough. I've been an actor all my life. My career was going no where fast and I was sabotaging myself. Then I met this wonderful woman, took her on as my coach, and my career has been flourishing ever since. When I win an Oscar, she'll be the first I thank.
I am so grateful to have found you. You have been an incredible teacher and mentor and an absolute pleasure to work with!
Doriane is an amazing coach and very cool lady. She will explain it all to you, encourage you, drill you, and make you laugh along the way. I'm entering the commercial voiceover market well prepared for auditions, and with a strong demo that shows my best work, thanks to her. Best, .
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I'm so glad I came to you for lessons and to do my demo. Your methods apply to every aspect of auditioning and acting. There is nothing like feeling like you nailed it, and thanks to you I get to feel that all the time. My demo is one of the things I'm most proud of. You bring the best out of me.
As a coach, Doriane has given me confidence; she's given me all the tools I need to be at my best no matter what. You'll work hard, but you'll be rewarded! I've got a great demo (made by her!) and have been going out on auditions with agents she introduced me to. Thanks to the technique she taught me, I have felt like I did my best at every audition and agent meeting. She is warm, funny, and genuinely cares about her students and wants everyone to find success! Thanks Dor!" Best, .
Thank you so so much for all of your help...godddd you are incredible and i AM SO THANKFUL for you! you da best!
I absolutely love working with Doriane! She has taught me everything I need to know about the technique behind voice overs & given me the confidence to apply it all in auditions. I've also been able to use the techniques I've learned with Dor, in my musical theatre, commercial, and tv/film auditions. She tells it like it is and helped me make a reel I'm proud of. She's such a wonderful person, easy to talk to, be myself around, and I highly recommend her! Every agent I've talked to knows her by name & that's a great feeling! I just love her. AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
As a coach and a teacher, Doriane has perfected a laser-focused technique that allows you to walk into a casting, execute simple steps, and be fully prepared to put forth your best effort. Knowing exactly what to do allows you to bypass nerves, habits and traps and step into the room, booth, audition, (whatever) and be your most authentic self. She's honest, direct, and incredibly supportive with an obvious passion to see her "babies" thrive. What more could you want from a coach, teacher, or human being in general?
Doriane is the best in the business. She can immediately tell you what the best material is for your type, and how to achieve a terrific read. She is a consummate professional and all-around great to work with!
Dor you're AMAZING! Your lesson's taught me the confidence and know-how for any voice over audition or audition in general. Your "dreaded 123" is such a smart approach to creating different choices and I use it often. Recording my demo was so much fun and I can't wait to get out there and take over the world! You're motivating, positive, and genuinely concerned about my life and my career. You're not just a voice over coach-you're a life coach. LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!
Working with Doriane is amazing! She is so much more than an amazing voice over coach - she helps you with all aspects of the business and your career. She is honest, supportive, funny, super encouraging and her private and group classes are REALLY FUN! Thank you Doriane!
hey, you two! thank you so much for this demo. it sounds amazing! i love it! thanks a lot!!!
What I love most about Dor is that she�s real. She has the ability to be both a coach and a cheerleader for your success. I think if all of her students were booking and didn�t need to coach with her it would make her just as happy. She genuinely cares in a way I have found rare among other teachers.
I stopped working 10 years ago. On purpose. I thought I was done. By the time I realized I missed it, I'd been out of the game so long I wasn't sure I'd be able to get back in. But I knew I had to try. So I made a plan. Working with Doriane has been, by far, the single most valuable piece of that plan. She's taught me new skills to make me more competitive, hooked me up with a genius photographer for my new headshots, given me feedback on my web site, and introduced me to two agencies with whom I'm currently freelancing. She is, quite simply, the best and worth every single penny. Having her in my corner has been a game changer.
After I leave a coaching with Dori, I always leave with more confidence than when I came in. And not a false confidence, a feeling that comes from being challenged, learning, and perfecting my craft for voice-overs. Dori is so real and honest, she has made me realize my uniqueness, what I have to offer and really bring it into my work. That gift is pretty priceless - I love my demo and I just booked my first gig off of the DEMO! No audition necessary! Thanks, Dor! AGENCY: ATLAS TALENT
Thank you, Doriane! Working with you I learned so much, and I am so happy with the results of my reel! You are wonderful."
I couldn't be more excited to share this demo with the world -- thanks to Doriane! She can always be counted on to be honest, genuine, and a straight-shooter who tells it like it is; she truly cares about her students, and our successes are her successes. Doriane tirelessly pushes her students to work harder, raising the bar for themselves and everyone else. It's gratifying to watch the callbacks and bookings start to roll in, all because of her tried-and-true process and kicks-in-the-butt!
I keep listening to my demo , and I can't believe how great it sounds! I sent it to my mom and she just said "Wow! I'd hire you!" Thank you thank you so much I'm so so happy with it and can't wait to get out there and kick some ass with it.
Dor is one of the best coaches to work with anywhere. Her enthusiasm and generosity as a teacher is evident in not only her success but the continual successes of her students. My career has changed tenfold in every aspect since studying with her. Hat's off to such a classy lady!
Amazing!! it came out so well! I am so happy. Thanks Dor- you are the BEST. I really appreciate how much energy you put into making sure that it was the best it could be. Much, much love,
Thank you SO much for this awesome reel! It's truly the result of having the best coach in NYC! Doriane is not only the best teacher in the city, but she is the forever cheerleader in your corner wishing you all the success in your career. I could not have done it without you!
Hey Dor! Thank you so much not only for my amazing demo, but for setting up meetings with New York City agents to actually listen to it! I've gotten nothing but positive feedback. Because of everything you've taught me, I'm more confident than ever about my future in the voiceover biz! xxoo Jamie Morris - on air dj for KTU, Z100, and lite fm
Thanks to Doriane, I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my own voice! As a teacher she has been patient, encouraging and constructive throughout my training process. I finally feel like I OWN my girly-girl voice and she has taught me how to work it! I am so proud of my demo reel and appreciative of all of her guidance. WEBSITE
Doriane - THANK YOU! I am so super duper excited about how my demo turned out!!!! I cannot say thank you enough! You really have been such a mentor in the past year in more ways than you know: you were basically the first "pro" I met in the industry and have been such a positive force since then! xx
Doriane is one of the most incredible people I've ever met. She's not only an awesome teacher, devoted fully to helping each and every one of her students succeed, but she is hilarious and a great friend. She also turns out a mean demo reel! Studying with her has honestly changed my life! Call her right now!!!!
Doriane knows everything there is to know about the voice-over biz. She's a terrific teacher and a genuinely nice person! If you're looking for voice-over coaching, I can wholeheartedly recommend her
Dor! Thanks for everything!!!! Love it -- sounds good in my car, good in this studio, LOVE LOVE LOVE! SUCH A FUN EXPERIENCE. THANKS AGAIN" Update... I wanted to test the waters with my demo before going big. I reached out to the 4 "big" agencies in Philly, sending them the demo around 9am this morning. ALL 4 HAVE WRITTEN ME BACK ALREADY AT 11:30am!!! I'm DYING that ALL 4 want to talk to me from that demo!!!!! WOWZA!!!! THANK YOU TEACHHHHH!!!
THANK YOU! Omg can we talk about how much I love this?! It was so awesome, you are my angel. I am so freaking excited! THANK YOU! xoxoxox
Every time I work with Doriane I learn something new, either about the voice business, how to increase my versatility and polish my reading, how to improve my self direction, even technical pointers like mike use. And by far the best part is that I have so much fun doing it! She's helped me fall in love with voice work all over again. *as we post this, nitza was simultaneously put on hold for a sinus comfort commercial.
Doriane really supported me from day one I wouldn�t have known where to begin. She is such an expert in this field and incredibly generous with her knowledge and skill. She�s a treasure trove of information and she�s fun and inspiring. I am so grateful for her help and enthusiasm. I had a blast making my reel with her.
Doriane - you are an incredibly positive and effective teacher. Your guidance has helped me, not just in voice overs, but performing in general. Thanks so much!
Ahhh! i LOVE it!! (and i kinda can't stop listening to it...) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Hey Doriane - got called on Friday from a house that knows me as a Brit.... and probably doesn't even know I have a reel. Sexy British Bond Chick! I did it here and just got the job this morning- have to go in and do some extra right now. There may be more spots!!!! Yippee!!!
Hi!! What a great experience! That was SO awesome!! I can't believe how good you guys made me sound! I wanna thank Conrad again he was really awesome! My parents loved it and they are very excited!! Thank you so much again! See you soon! Love,
Doriane knows this business like no other. After taking private lessons with Doriane where she reworked my voice-over techniques, I auditioned for and booked a New York soap opera job. Doriane is a real professional! Actor / stage and commercials
I am so grateful to Doriane. She took on an older student, a clinical psychologist, who had limited radio experience. Doriane has an uncanny ability to teach the necessary skills to do voiceovers, build confidence, and make it exciting. She also makes you feel that you have joined a family! Thanks to you and Conrad for making me sound so good!
I am so excited I can't believe I have two castings on Monday at Innovative! That's four in less than a week! Practicing......You rock Dor!
Doriane & Conrad, I want to send a BIGGG thank you to both of you for this experience last night! It was surreal,so fun, so exciting:)) The demo sounds great! Dor--you really have inspired me to push myself and reach higher and keep plugging away at it. I am so happy that I got to meet you. don't worry, I'm going to continue to work and come to your classes so that I don't just stop here... it's been so much fun! Conrad--it was nice meeting you and seeing your side of the biz. Thanks again!! You guys rock!
Doriane is an incredible teacher. She gave me invaluable skills for a career in the voiceover world, and much, much more. She's also provided me with so many awesome networking opportunities that have truly helped my entire acting career move forward. Doriane is very open, encouraging, and supportive to all her students, and just a ton of fun to work with! Dor, I can't thank you enough! xoxo
As a casting director, Doriane knows how to get the read she needs with a clear explanation and an open mind. As a coach, Doriane was able to fine tune my commercial read in just a couple of sessions. She's the best! WEBSITE
Hey Dor and Conrad, The real thanks go to you!! Recording my demo was an experience that I will never forget. Thank you for the training, the direction and most of all believing in me all these months! When I come down off this cloud I will hit the ground ready to work using all the fundamental tools that an actor needs to support a career in VO and On-camera. Thank you, Thank you THANK YOU!!! People!! Call Doriane Elliott!!
Doriane, Thank you so so much. The reel sounds amazing and I plan to put it to very good use in Vancouver. I had fun recording the spots and then watching you and Conrad do your magic! xo
Dor is like a Voice Drill Sargent. if you want to be the best train with the best...i love my demo! thank you!!!!
Gail Rodgers
Hey Doriane, Thank you SO much for letting me sit in the session today! I think I learned as much as a lesson; quite an eye-opener as to what worked, what didn't, taking direction or not, etc. thanks again for your gracious generosity in including me today. See you soon.
Has anyone submitted u for best vo coach in backstage reader survey awards? Not sure if it's still going on....but if so, be sure to throw ur hat in the ring so all can vote. Luv,...
I just went in for an expedia commercial. So many words an yet so much fun. It was the first time I enjoyed myself in an audition in months! The reading tool we worked on last week helped so much. I didn't feel tied down to the page. I understood the thoughts, conveyed them and most of all I was in the moment. Finally, i haf a chance to give the read MY twist, MY personality. I walked out of the booth feeling like I showed them what I can do. And it feels gooooooooood. I'm so excited about our work together. Thank you again. All my love,
Hey dor! Just found out I booked radio vo for better homes heat council.
Dor!!! booked 2 demos for toys r us! so excited! EEK! thanku thanku thanku, my vo mamma-mama-mansch!!! happy weekend!!!!! yay! thanks!!!
Dor, I really feel I learned so much yesterday. I've been trying to find that 30's authoritative voice for a long time now, and I feel like I've finally honed in on it. Yay! thanks so much for being my "teach"!
WE DID IT!!! i'm on hold for verizon!!! fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally!!!! love,
Dor, It is always a great class! Thanks for the challenging long piece. I am enjoying working on it. I have forwarded part of one of my bookings. I do see progress and love doing this! Thanks! love,
Dor!!! booked 2 demos for toys r us! so excited! EEK! thanku thanku thanku, my vo mamma-mama-mansch!!! happy weekend!!!!! yay! thanks!!!
Thanks for a wonderful voice-over class! I loved working at Phantom! That studio is phenomenal, and being able to listen to my peers was invaluable - it definitely gave me some great ideas on how to vary my reads. Please let me know when the next class will be, 'cause I'm definitely in! Talk soon!
So much fun� reading, working and hanging. Thanks for the wisdom, the time, and the warmth. I really like the people you surround yourself with�
Yay! Wanted you to be the first to know I am on hold for Chapstick radio
Hey Lovely, Well, my mtg yesterday w/ Jessica Felrice at my agency, Abrams, went wonderfully well. She loved the two audiobook narration demos I decided to give her (THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!) and the selections are already up on Voicebank! She also wants to start calling me in for in-house commercial VO auditions which totally rocks. She has a personal prejudice against VO coaches but when I mentioned your name her face lit up and she said, �Oh that�s a different story. She�s wonderful and I�ve seen marked improvement with actors who receive her coaching.� Of course, you rock the house! In great appreciatio
Dor, I just met with Allan Duncan and I liked him so much, I hope he liked me!! he said he really liked my reel, thought it was really FUNNY. we chatted, he didn't even ask me to read. He told me to email him my schedule and I told him I have a home set-up. Thank you so much Doriane!! Much love,
You are such a talented teacher, and your students all adore you. All the warmth and goodwill in that room yesterday is totally a testament to who you are, and what you create. You're the one who rocks. Xxxx
Doriane stripped me of my bad habits coming from the theater and gave me a very simple effective way to prepare copy in the VO medium. In a matter of months I went from making every mistake possible in front of the mike to being runner up on two national campaigns! More than the skills I've gained, the support I've had since the day I started studying with Doriane is something I can't say enough about. She acts as manager in that while I was studying and preparing my reel I was also taking advantage of her meet and greets where she personally campaigned for me and allowed me the space to mingle with perspective agents. She has always let me audition for her castings where she allows her students to observe the casting, see what works and what doesn't before you go in the booth! All in all she has been one of my greatest teachers because she truly is invested in the success of her students and will do anything in her power to insure that. Thanks, Dor!
Carol Scibelli
Doriane, you are the BEST! thanks for such an amazing session!!! i learned so much from you in just that ONE session! see you soon
Hey, teach! check out my national spot of pf changs! Carla - PF Changs - thanks, teach, i owe it all to you!
Hi Doriane, Wow, what a day! I wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to this class. It was amazing! I am still filled with adrenaline, and it just reaffirmed what I have been wanting to do for sooo long! What an incredible experience. Thanks again....
Doriane, You are amazing! You can see that I haven't been in a sound booth for a while. Whoa, was I nervous!! i hope i'm in town for the next class... Thanks
You and dor are so amazing. I am extremely thankful for being in your class. I have learned so much. xxoo to my great teachers,
Katty Biscone
Doriane is that rare breed of casting director that understands actors and can actually DIRECT. Not only does she understand what a client is looking for, but she will coach you (and your unique voice) in a way that gives you the best shot possible at booking the job. If you have a chance to take her class, take it! And hopefully, you'll be lucky enough to be brought in for a casting she's running because she doesn't just put you on tape...she makes you a better actor. Fin
D, I totally enjoyed last night, and feel that this is what I want! I was soo excited! Thanks for everything!!!! I'll let you know my next available day, and from that point, we can create some consistency in our lessons. Be well, and thanx again!
Hi Dori, I just wanted to send a Thank You shout out for all of the help and the support that you have given to me these past months. In an industry where people sometimes just do for themselves it�s nice to see other people who want to help other people follow their dreams. Thanks Again and I will be in touch!!
Hey doriane, met david cash tonight. love him! The minute i brought up your name he lit up! feel like your name has been bringing me great karma all year! can't wait for the soiree with him next month!
my name is carla capretto, and i'm one of doriane's students.. I started studying with doriane a couple of years ago and just wanted to let you know that if you're thinking of studying with her, do it! I can't recommend her highly enough - she's an amazing teacher. not only that, but she's a great casting director. AND she knows pretty much everybody in the business and can help out with agents, future contacts, etc...... just wanted to let you know what my experience with her has been like. i really hope you decide to go with her. you will love it. thanks,
Sara (Burmenko)
I am sooooo happy I found you and for the first time in my life I am excited to do homework. (if only you were my math teacher in high school!)
Jenevieve (Brewer, About Face Talent)
just put Mark Jones on hold for tomorrow.. love all your peeps.. xoxo
Nia Imani (Young Nala in Lion King, on Broadway)
Ms. Doriane is a really cool acting coach. I don�t know why anyone wouldn�t want to take her class! She has a way of making people understand her, and her technique is brilliant!
Kimberly Godfrey
The meet and greet with Jenevieve was great! It was nice to be able to meet with her outside of an office and to chat about the business in a more casual setting. She shared so much of her knowledge and took the time to meet with us all individually. Doriane not only played the role of the proud teacher, but was also a wonderful hostess and made sure that each and every person was at ease, so we could all share our best talents.

Thanks again for the great reel! it sounds awesome (as i knew it would) you guys do fantastic work! THANK YOU -- you're f__king awesome dor. and that's all i have to say about that. XOXOXOXO AGENCY: PARADIGM
Doriane has the remarkable capacity to pull the absolute best out of you every session. She has an incredible breadth of experience from which to draw and it shows not only in her teaching but in her knowledge of the industry from bottom to top and her ability to get you heard by the right people. On top of all that, she has a huge heart and it is so very nice to have a cheerleader and a coach all wrapped into one.
Dor is an INCREDIBLE coach and mentor. I feel like whenever I am recording an audition or working on a VO project, I have a lil’ Dor on my shoulder guiding me along and helping me through it. Her perception and intuition are razor sharp, allowing her to see exactly how you specifically can improve and grow. The training relates to all forms of acting and the more work you put into it, the better the results will be. Much love for this teach! < 3
I used to poo-poo commercial and vo auditions. I thought they were a crapshoot--either you were right or you weren't. I assumed that there was NO technique involved. Dorianne brilliantly proves otherwise. Her clear and inspired technique has not only made my commercial work more successful, it has helped me in all of my other acting work. AGENCY: DBA
I can’t say enough great things about Dor. She’s not only a brilliant teacher but also an even better person. She truly cares about her students and is invested in their success both in the voiceover world as well as in life. I literally owe my entire acting career to her and I am beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to study with her. There is no doubt that she will take your career to the next level just as she did mine. Thank you and love you Dor! AGENCY:
Doriane, you are a rock star of the VO world. Ms. Elliott has a brilliant was of making such a delicate craft so easy to understand. Not only is she an amazing musician, she incorporates her slue of skills to guide you through a step by step process of how to bring Copy to life. I booked my first VO gig thanks to her and use many of her teaching in other facets such as on camera and on stage. One lesson and your hooked. AGENCY: DBA
Thanks so much for helping me get my reel made! I'm very excited about it! It has been such a terrific experience studying with you. I really appreciate your dedication and attention to all your students, and your boundless enthusiasm for supporting their work. So thankful that our paths have crossed :) AGENCY: JBTM
Doriane is my spirit animal. Her voice over technique is sure-fire - it works. She's loyal and generous: she calls in her students for auditions, for example. Her counsel and support of my overall career is invaluable. I always know that when I'm stuck, I can rap it down with Dor and she'll help me get to my gut feeling, which is usually the way to go. She's given me opportunities and connected me with some great people in the industry, too. I love her dearly and trust her implicitly. AGENCY: JBTM
Coaching with Dori is like getting a full career overhaul. She knows the ins and outs of the business, pushes you to be your best and helps you figure out what is unique to you and how to market yourself within the industry. She makes you feel confident, she has a super chill vibe and knows exactly what to tell you so you nail your VO auditions. Since working with Dori I have booked more work and I feel like I'm finally figuring out my sweet spot in this business. I love my reel too! It shows my personality, hits all of the types of jobs that I go out on and gives CD's a professional look at my voice." AGENCY: DBA
Doriane is an absolute treasure! In the time I've worked with her, my confidence and knowledge of the field has grown exponentially. Her approach to teaching is so accessible as an artist, and she is able to tap into who you are and always pull out a stellar performance. She has helped me understand what I want out of my career and how to go about getting it, which is absolutely invaluable when navigating this industry. I really can't recommend her enough, and my reel just sounds so AWESOME!!! AGENCY: DBA
I have absolutely loved working with Doriane! Her knowledge and understanding of the business is incredible! Her simple and effective coaching techniques have made me a much more flexible and confident VO actor. Recording my VO commercial demo with her was a smooth, collaborative and FUN process! I felt extremely prepared when we stepped into the studio and LOVE the final product. Doriane cuts right to the point in her coachings while creating a comfortable and playful environment to explore and grow. She is AWESOME! Thanks Dor!
Doriane was the first coach I studied with upon moving to NYC, and my experience with her has been absolutely invaluable. She's an expert in her field, a gifted teacher, and an all-around great person that will look out for your best interests. They don't come better than Doriane!
Doriane gives you all the tools you need to feel completely comfortable in the VO booth. Working with her is a great experience and positions you to do the work you know you're capable of doing. She's a pleasure to work with and hugely encouraging.
Doriane was the first coach I studied with upon moving to NYC, and my experience with her has been absolutely invaluable. She's an expert in her field, a gifted teacher, and an all-around great person that will look out for your best interests. They don't come better than Doriane!
Doriane Elliott is the BEST! Her technique doesn’t help with just Voice Over but TV, Theatre, and Film. Doriane’s advice on agents, headshots, reels, and everything you need to be a successful actor is priceless. After every class with Doriane I come out feeling more confident and prepared for the auditions to come. I couldn’t recommended a better coach who really believes in you and pushes you to be your best! I count my blessings for the day I met Doriane.
Doriane is the best! I am so lucky that she was my introduction to the world of commercial voice over. Her training is comprehensive, so I feel like I have a system in place to approach whatever gets thrown at me. Not only that, but she is truly passionate about helping her students succeed. Thank you Dor!
I was referred to Doriane, and she was everything I hoped for. To the point, encouraging and fun, but not afraid to give me the criticism I needed to succeed and improve. I'm so thankful that she has been, and will continue to be, my coach.
Dor is the absolute best! She teaches you tangible steps to use to successfully tackle any form of copy and even helped me pick out my home studio equipment! Do the work she gives you, and you will not be disappointed. We had so much fun creating and working on my Reel - by the time we recorded it was smooth sailing. She Directed, and we just played with a variety of takes. Her sound editor is amazing, and the studio she uses in NYC is beautiful. She’s actively helping me find representation right now and really cares about her student’s success. You will end up with a versatile V/O skill set for any job, an amazing Reel, and have a trusted Mentor for life!
Dor is the city saint essential to my success. Not only has she helped me refine my VO technique, but she also advised and guided me through my choices in agents, managers, artistic family, day jobs, and much much more. She is a delight to work with, chat with, and confide in. Ever supportive and creative, she’s worth every penny spent on her lessons.
Doriane is amazing!! First off, Dor genuinely cares about her students and makes sure they have a solid foundation and technique. She has such a down to earth and direct approach to her coaching that I love and I always feel like I get something out of our coachings, she has a magic touch! Together we put a reel together that I am super proud of and could not be more grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dor. She has helped me to navigate unfamiliar territory in this industry and gain the confidence I need to work in voiceover. Thank you so much Dor, I’m so proud of the work I’ve done!
Doriane is the svengali of voiceover. She has taken me from a raw, unformed, nervous, but hungry talent, to a confident, flexible, voice actor. Her deep belief in me, got me through those times of doubt that I was on the right path. Her deep knowledge and love of her students is fierce. She’s been there and done it. I trust Doriane implicitly. My demo reel is amazing! Thank you for your amazing coaching, love, patience, and guidance in this journey. I could not have asked for a better coach. Love you.
Doriane Eliott doesn't just teach you, she helps you learn to teach yourself. Her strategies and methods are practical and useful not just in commercial VO, but in any genre with a script! Doriane's lessons have given me the tools and confidence to walk into any room and give my best, and I'm so grateful!
Time with Doriane is invaluable. She worked me hard, but did it whilst creating the most rewarding and safe zone to develop within. As an actor with many years experience in screen and stage acting I have learnt an abundance of new skills in these sessions. Doriane breaks the VO technique into a brilliant method that provides the actor with a solid blueprint when auditioning for jobs. She also shows great interest in who you are as a performer, how to market yourself and really wants you to succeed. I have most definitely added a new string to my bow. Cheers Dor!!
Dor. You're a master of your craft. At every lesson, it's evident that learning from you is learning from the best. You not only shared your unlimited knowledge but you also generously guide my career. You taught me to embrace my real voice and use it! Together we developed my range. Oh, and you're insanely fun! Dor you've truly made me love voice over. AGENCY: DBA
Dor you are the best! You are sweet, talented, and brilliant to work with. You reinvented the way I approach voice over acting. I don't know what the hell I would do without your support and help! AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
If you haven't worked with Doriane you have no idea what you're missing. On top of being an excellent teacher whose instructions will forever influence the way you approach your work, she is an excellent PERSON! You meet a lot of people in this business that say a lot of things supposedly in your best interest; but Doriane is someone who TRULY CARES about her students- and not just their careers, their lives. Her no nonsense style of working is always a breath of fresh air and a reminder to keep grinding, no matter what. She is a Champion for her students...and I am very proud to call myself one of them. AGENCY: DBA
Doriane is the "Pimp My Ride" of coaches. Need I say more? Okay, I will. With her no BS attitude and honest feedback, she helps you completely overhaul how to approach commercial copy, and in turn any acting text for that matter, with her proven system of teaching. It's an entire process of breaking down, studying, and comprehending the linguistic structure of dialogue. I highly recommend her as a coach, because not only will your voice over technique improve, but your abilities as an actor will level up as well. I hate boasting, but I've used her methods to book several gigs in the time we've worked together, and casting directors keep calling me back.
Doriane is an inspiring creative partner throughout the process. She's knows how to help craft the demo so you sound like your best and most marketable you! I am so eager to share it with the world. I feel it finally represents me. AGENCY: JBTM
I would (and do) recommend Doriane to anyone who is ready to kick their career up a notch. She gives straight forward advice, direction and makes sure her students are ready to book. She's amazing at taking all of the qualities that her students have and tailoring a career plan that works for each unique student. She knows that each of her students in the audition room are representing HER, so she makes sure her students are ready to kick butt. AGENCY: JBTM
I've truly loved working with Doriane! She is one of the most energetic and no-nonsense but also incredibly supportive and knowledgable teachers I've had. She really knows and has a killer ear for what works and knows exactly how to steer you towards it. I'm really thankful! AGENCY: Paradigm
I was completely new to the VO industry when I met Doriane. She turned me from a naive newcomer to the complete package. What I learned from her has helped me, not only in voiceover, but in all aspects of the craft. Thank you, Dor, for everything! AGENCY: JBTM
Doriane helped take me to the next level, by helping me unlock talent I didn't even know I had. She is a tremendous coach who pushed me to the best version of myself possible and produce an outstanding reel that I love.
I started a career with my voice when I was 17 on the radio in Pittsburgh.  In my 20’s I also did voice over work and became “the voice of the Warner Bros. Movie Line.”   By the time I was 30 I was wearing a suit and tie and was “out of the game.”  I can’t thank you enough for coaching me back in.  You helped me acquire new skills that I really needed and equally important helped me bury skills that are out of date (the deejay announcer!).  Love my reel and hats off to you and your incredible coaching and mentoring. AGENCY: JBTM
I am extremely fortunate to have met Doriane. Where to begin describing how amazing she is? She is a masterful teacher, of course: before I started with her, my approach to commercial copy was almost random, but Doriane (lovingly) whipped me into shape and made me a vastly improved voiceover artist. Thanks to her, I now have confidence in my reads, as well as having gained a disciplined, very specific way of working that was completely new to me. She has a highly refined technique for helping you to make any piece of text your own. Trust me, her process works, and it applies to all forms of acting. Training with her, you learn how to quickly understand a piece of copy, ingrain it in your system, and strike the right balance in your performances with respect to voice, cadence, and attitude. Above all, she teaches you how to be flexible, so that you can redirect on a dime. It is only by doing the nitty-gritty detail work that you ever really improve at anything, and she somehow managed to make that part of the process fun for me rather than having it be a laborious slog. As if all that wasn't enough, it turns out that Doriane is a saint. She is genuinely invested in her students, and is one of the most caring people I have ever met--I have seen it over and over during the time we have worked together. There is a reason why her students enthusiastically recommend her at every turn. I am happy to be one of them.
She is the perfect balance between supportive and honest, experienced and approachable. From day one, you know that if you put in the work she's going to fight for you. She's the real deal and it has really been awesome working with her! AGENCY: JBTM
Not only does she give you the tools and technique to provide what casting directors and clients across the board are looking for, she also gets to know you on a personal and professional level, guiding you to the places that you want to go in your work and career, even if you're rusty, which is rare. And as if that wasn't enough she cares about her students and enjoys teaching, which is even more rare. Doriane is undoubtedly the best.
Dor took me from 0 to 60 in just a matter of months. I've been acting for camera and stage a long time, but my few brushes with v/o had gone badly and left a lot of scar tissue. She got me out of my head and handed me this fantastic v/o toolbox. It's a common-sense technique that I can open up anywhere anytime. Thanks, lady! AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
First person I refer anyone to who is interested in learning the art of VO. She's been my coach, mentor and friend for over ten years and I wouldn't have half the career I have now without her! AGENCY: ATLAS TALENT
The six months I worked with Doriane were more than I could have expected. She is a wonderful voice over coach, but she also helped fine-tune my brand as a manager would, focusing on the process of figuring out who I was as well as achieving a fantastic final product. With her guidance I created a TV/Film reel, voice over reel, changed my look, got new headshots, redid my website, found community in new acting and improv classes and most importantly feel utterly prepared to be a professional in any working environment.
Dor is the best you could ever hope for in a coach — incredibly passionate and forever patient. And the care and genuine interest she has for each of her students extends far beyond stellar VO training. I'd feel lost in New York if I didn't know I had Dor in my corner.
Doriane is an excellent teacher! Her guidance and tutelage has been an absolute game changer for me! I�m extremely grateful to have crossed paths with her. She very clearly and effectively communicated to me my weak points and what I need to work on as a performer. I went ahead and re-did my VO reel with her after doing coaching for an extended period of time. I feel much more confident in my skill set and reel than ever before. I also feel like I have a much more solid handle on my creative process, and it has certainly been reflected in my work. You�re the best Teach!!
I will be forever grateful for getting connected to Dor and studying with her. I had been getting the, �you should do voiceovers� for years but I knew it took a lot more than a nice voice in the real world. With Dor, I got the training and confidence I needed to feel I could actually do this. With Dor�s training and technique � and the kickass demo she helped me create � I was getting auditions and callbacks right from the start! Mike Meth - Creative Director
Dor is hands down the best in New York. Great teacher, great tutor, great reel creator, and great person. thanks again, Doriane AGENCY: The Mine Agency - WEBSITE
I discovered, after she plucked me from a casting session several years ago, Doriane has a precise ear and infectious enthusiasm. She has natural ease of technique and great expertise in the field. I've learned new ways to approach the material and, I hope, a better ear to guide myself when Doriane is not on the other side of the glass. Now I walk into a casting session with greater poise, skill and confidence. But above all, she wants her students to succeed and is vigorously proud of their achievements when they do.
Hi Dor, just wanted to let you know about the session with comcast. the copy was BEEFY! I had 50 min to lay down 2 pages of dense and technical copy. thank god I got the sides before hand and was able to prepare before the session. but even with all the time in the world I never would have gotten through it without your training and techniques. they literally saved my job. there were so many times in the session that they asked me to do something and I know just what to do because of your coaching. what's more I heard some feedback from Comcast saying that I nailed the tone and that they were really happy with it, and I got called in again for pickups. I'm soooo happy, this is such a great start. thank you so much Dor, AGENCY: CESD
Doriane Elliott is the most thorough and genuine coach I have ever studied with. She is insightful and passionate about all things acting and instills a confidence in her students that is truly remarkable. Working with Doriane has brought my performances to a new level. All I can say is, thanks Dor, you're the best!" Sincerely, - WEBSITE
Thank you SO MUCH, Dor. That was FUN! I really really appreciate it. Let me know if you want to come and see me in Phantom of the Opera. Would LOVE for that to happen...I can see what ticket options are available. Thanks again, Dor! You really are the best!! AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS
Doriane is a talented and inspiring teacher with a simple technique that simply works. AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS - WEBSITE
Doriane Elliot is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She's honest, funny, and expects a lot from her students. She gave me the tools I needed to gain representation quickly in NYC. Thanks to Dor, I can take on any audition, any time, anywhere. Plus, I have the flexibility to take direction and adjust on the fly. I'm proud to be one of her students. AGENCY: ACCESS TALENT
Dor is an incredible teacher. She's caring and funny but more importantly, she's damn good. She gets you were you need to be as an actor and voice artist. A gift to actors! AGENCY: Innovative
Dor is the absolute best. She took me on as a student with no acting background and was wonderfully patient with me. If you're serious about wanting to work in the voice over field then go no further, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not doing so AGENCY: Innovative
It has been an amazing, amazing time coaching with Doriane. She truly cares for her students, is invested in their success, and has such a relaxed, yet hands-on approach to teaching that working with her is totally comfortable and actually FUN! Plus, she is actively casting in the business right now so she knows what works! What more could you ask for? Doriane, I'm so happy I found you!! I love my demo!! Thanks for everything!! AGENCY: ACCESS TALENT
Doriane gives direction that is clear, concise, and always helpful. There are very few casting directors like Doriane and I always look forward to the auditioning process with her. Doriane is a pleasure to work with! AGENCY: ABRAMS ARTISTS - WEBSITE
It's because of Doriane Elliott that I have a voice-over agent For so long, I was told I had a great voice, but without the tools Doriane gave me, I'd still be in the same place as before! AGENCY: CESD - WEBSITE
Doriane uses her intimate knowledge of the business and her training as a singer to teach her students how to maximize their potential. She stretches you in ways you didn't know were possible. AGENCY: Abrams Artists
Dorianne works to get you work In the crowded coaching world she's the voice of authority. AGENCY: Abrams Artists
Dor. You're a master of your craft. At every lesson, it's evident that learning from you is learning from the best. You not only shared your unlimited knowledge but you also generously guide my career. You taught me to embrace my real voice and use it! Together we developed my range. Oh, and you're insanely fun! Dor you've truly made me love voice over.
It's such a privilege to work with someone both so involved in and knowledgeable about the business, as well as someone who is so dedicated to the progress and success of her 'kids'. Your combination of unbridled enthusiasm and tough love make for the perfect experience from the first time we met, to the recording session, to seeing you in day to day professional life. It's been such a pleasure working with you, and I always look forward to our next session - thank you for guiding me so lovingly and so fastidiously!
Doriane is amazing! I got voice over skills, a demo, and she helped boost my confidence way up. She also put me in touch with an agent who I now freelance with. She cares about her students and works so hard for them. Woohoo Doriane!
Doraine Elliott is THE BEST. I've had more positive reactions to the demo we've made together than I've had in years of shopping other demos. Excellent technique, excellent one-on-one time, and excellent guidance. I'd recommend her to anybody who's serious about learning the real ins and outs of the voiceover world.
hey, dor - I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done for me in this process. i've had an awesome time and will continue to have an awesome time working with you. you've really brought a lot out of me since my first lesson and are the solo reason why i bought an iphone, hahaha! i think this is gonna be the start of something good...(and just got put on hold my FIRST time outta the gate!) xo,
Working with Dorianne was a great learning experience and a lot of fun to boot. She's amazing. She knows her stuff. She's a great teacher and a relentless and tireless coach.
I don't know WHAT I would do without Dor. She has made me think about my career in a totally different way and I feel more confident than ever. Studying with her has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.
I contacted Doriane just to get feedback on my voice, and what she gave me was much much more. She became my teacher, my mentor and my friend. Her teaching methods and knowledge of the business are unsurpassed. I live in Wisconsin and her Skype sessions with me were awesome. Doriane pushed me to get the reads from me SHE knew I could give. When I came to New York to record my demo, again I got more than I bargained for. She made sure I met with Tim from Atlas, that my demo was flawless and that I knew where to get the best pizza and bagels. Doriane is there for and cares for her students and that?s a quality you can�t just pay for. Xoxo
Yeah!!! I love my demo! Thank you thank you thank you so much, Doriane. You're everything that Carla said you would be. It's really a great experience learning from you. Thank you sooo much for everything you do and have done!
My demos are amazing, you amazing woman. I so look forward to another booking as well, which I am quietly confident, will happen in the near future. You are my lucky charm.
Before I met you, I had never even considered doing voice-over work... with everything that you've taught me and now so confident and prepared while in the booth, i feel so strong! my demo started getting me sent out immediately! Thank you so much!! WEBSITE
Doriane is brilliant! Though one of the busiest professionals in the business, her unbounded energy never ceases to amaze me. Doriane's knowledge, insight and fabulous sense of humor make each lesson as fun as it is informative. I couldn't recommend her more highly!
I am a TV Writer/Producer working my way from the control room to behind the mic. After being told for years that I have a "face for radio" I decided to give it a shot, teamed up with Doriane and have booked several gigs for both TV and Radio. If you happen to hear the "hung-over dude" for the NY Department of Transportation radio campaign...that's me!
Just wanted to comment on what a great experience I had meeting Jenevieve with About Face Casting at your place. It was so informal and relaxing, which is never the case with these types of things, that I didn't feel the stress level that usually accompanies it. Doriane, you gave us such insight as to what to expect and let Jenevieve know our strong points with each introduction. Thank you so much for the opportunity and would advise anyone on the fence about this to get off of it and get busy "meetin' and greetin"!
Thanks, D! Keep me posted about the future meet and greets. You're the best! Thanks so much for all your help. Let's chat more about the promo reel too!
Dor is not only an amazing coach but has instantly became a great friend. She is very easy to work with and definitely has a passion for her students to grow. As a Casting Director and a coach, she knows what it takes to be successful in this amazing industry! Although the only problem I have with her is that she won't let you give up! UGH!.
Not only is Doriane and great teacher and casting director , she goes the extra mile to get you into the room with agents. For one on ones. Who else does that?
Dor took me from being a big, booming stage performer to understanding the dynamics of sound. She's helped me learn to draw the listener in with less volume and force. She's very demanding, and yet extremely easy to work with. Teaching is who she is, not just what she does.
Jeremy Adona
Hey there - I have been doing my homework and will continue to do so. I do appreciate your willingness to work with me. You are the person I've been looking for to better my career. Talk soon. Best,
Michael P
Just booked a 10,000 buck VO job through jeneveive. Its a series of web commercials daring you to get off ur ass and do something uv never done ie. Parachuting. 20 commercials. They're done really well. lots of love...
Jimmie Saito
Hey mama! Just wanted to send you a huge thanks for giving me the extra push to contact innovative. The best idea ever! They have been sending me out ALOT for on-camera! I even had a call back on the first audition they sent me on! Hope all is well. xoxoxo
D - Wow!!! what a great time i had with you and Conrad. You two work so well together. You are D BEST! THANK YOU! (and i remain humbly in your paws) big hug,
Hey, Been meaning to write and tell you how grateful I am for the lesson I had the other day. Really has made a change in the work, which is really nice. I've only had a couple of auditions since then so might pop in for another one when it heats up again. love
Hi Dor- The quoted piece below came from the author Max Allan Collins� blog. I thought you�d get a kick out of his review of my audiobook work of his �Last Quarry.� I thought it was cool that I was mentioned in the same entry as Stacy Keach!! Just another one of your students makin' it to the big time!
Thanks for kicking my butt this morning. See you soon.
Thank you again for this and everything you do for me. YOU ROCK
Brian Z
Dor! Just had a great convo with Phil S. He liked the demo alot. I am going to stay in touch with him. Thank you SO much! see you next week.
Hey Dor, Thanks again for helping with the sprint spot today. I'm REALLY happy with it and hopefully Ann and Susan are too... The Verizon audition went extraordinarily well. The CD at Donna Desceta mentioned how good he thought I was so naturally I told him it was because I had the best coach in the city. Fingers crossed! Have a great day!
Great class! Look forward to the next one! Thanks again! See you soon!
Doing more McDonald's radio tomorrow! Woo Hoo- FFS! All Best,
Michael Philip
Booked Raymour and Flanagan!!!! LOTS OF LOVE!!!!
Good morning! That was a lot of fun last night. So nice to see you too. It was great to listen to Genevieve talk about the business and also to have the chance to talk to her one on one. Looking forward to seeing where this can go. Maybe some on-camera classes are in order? Anyway, thanks again for a nice evening.
Hey Dor. Thank you for tonite. your other students were great. I had fun. You, as always, were wonderful.
Curt Palmer
Today�s session was fun and it�s great to work on being better every time!
Dor, thanks again for a great afternoon. It was such an advantage being there. Have a great weekend.
Doriane, I forgot to mention that I did use your f.f.s. technique when I went in for the on-camera commercial as well and I booked it! I will get back to you very soon about that second class. Thanks again.
Gail Rodgers
Hey Doriane, Thank you SO much for letting me sit in the session today! I think I learned as much as a lesson; quite an eye-opener as to what worked, what didn't, taking direction or not, etc. thanks again for your gracious generosity in including me today. See you soon.
Mark (jones)
You are the MoJo princess. Got the gig for somebody running for senator. Web and TV, vo. Thanks for the good vibes.
John (Hoener)
Hi Doriane. Thanks for the great class. You and Ian are great together. I feel we really gained some perspective on what's ahead. It was a little sad that it ended, but we always have sept 9th. Thanks again!!!
Jeigh Duran
What better way to meet industry professionals than under Doriane's roof!. It was sooo relaxed and confidence building. But it seems to come together when Doriane's around. She has a peculiar energy, tremendous talent, and sense of real caring and intuition that translates instantly into measurable results. It's difficult to know who you can trust in this business, let alone in life, but I took the risk and now have a more practical and insightful use and understanding of my stuff.
Michael Siktberg
Thanks Dor, Genevieve was so very cool and comfortable the entire night. I really thought everything was succesful right down to the wine and cheese:). Auditioning for ESPN was fun, and I'm glad I was called back just to strengthen my first impression with Genevieve, ya know? But what a great way to Network. So much nicer than my other agent setups. They're always so forced feeling, right? This was perfect.
Mark Jones
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for allowing me to participate in the meet & greet with Jenevieve Brewer with About Face Talent. What a great evening and you made the experience so relaxed that I think it allowed me to shine a little brighter. Looks like I will be doing some projects with Jenevieve in the future. Couldn't have done it without your coaching and of course this meet & greet. Thanks for the continued guidance. Can't wait for the next meet & greet. All the best.


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