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Beginning Voice-overs: The adventure begins…

Okay. You’ve been told you have a great voice for Voice-Overs.

You’ve been behind the mic, but basically have no sound technique. Start getting comfortable breaking down copy, and feeling at ease behind the mic in the same state-of-the-art recording studio, Phantom Audio (http://www.phantomaudio) with the coolest, easiest goin’ Casting Director in NYC! This class will still have you up behind that AKG 414 or Senheiser shotgun, in that booth, taking direction, and continuing to learn the art, craft, and skill of VO’s. You’ll be recorded on Pro-tools, and will listen to playback so you can hear your progress. These beginner classes don’t come around too often, so keep checking in for more dates!

“she makes you WANT to learn, and laugh while you’re learning! I still get coaching from Doriane, after all these years as a successful voice-over actor!”
Timothi Jane Graham (http://www.timothijanegraham.com)

All of these Classes are reserved soley for students who have studied privately with Doriane Elliott. They are held every 5 weeks on a wednesdays from 7pm until the students drop. (usually around 10pm.)

Please email doriane at DorianeElliott@gmail.com to find out when the next class is taking place.

VO CLINIC. Getting stuck? The Doctor is in.

Once a month brush-up seminar at Phantom Audio. (http://www.phantomaudio.com) Limited to 8 people, so as always, you’ll get good mic time. You’ll be up in front of your peers reading either copy you’ve auditioned for – to see how I would have directed you to a better read, or copy you choose from my files. You’ll be recorded on pro-tools. No edits! Ha!!! Definitely a vocal, reading, and nerves workout. Yes, a butt-kicker. But pain, is GOOD.


Dor! I have to thank you again. I worked A LOT this week: (3 Demos for Dulera, Voices for an on-line video game, a tv spot for Dannimals, and a vo spot on Letterman). Here's the good stuff: after I recorded the spot for Letterman I was approached by another gentleman who was to record another spot (an older man who did quite a bit of recording for the show). His comment to me was "God, that was funny, great stuff!! It's so surprising to see how much you move around in the booth when you record. Nobody would ever know you do that, but, it WORKS!" I told him that I learned it from you. "Conducting", I said!. Yay you!! Thanks, Dor. It was great to see you this week.
Jason Griffith

Hey Teach,Thanks for the audition yesterday. The exercises are paying off. I feel al ot more confident In the booth. Yeah? Xo
Armand Mazza

Dear Doriane, I wanted to thank you for a most enjoyable lesson yesterday. You covered an amazing amount of insights, advice, and wisdom in a very short time, all of which was invaluable. I will be trying out your homework assignments and checking into the sites you mentioned, and I'm sure they'll prove very helpful. thanks again -
Larry Gevirtz

Hey,Just left an audition for Kindle that I got through TakeOne. They said that it was awesome and that I was the best one they've heard so far! Good news I think. Thanks!
Harris Diano

Hey Dor, I just booked a radio announcer commercial spot for DeVry. It's non-union but it's my first in-studio booking. It pays well and I couldn't be happier. THANK YOU DOR!!!!!!! Sincerely,
Justin D. Torres

DOR! I booked a national commercial for Disney/Fisher Price! I record it tomorrow! YAYYYY! NONE of this would be happening for me without you!!!!!!
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld

okay, so I emailed take one on friday and today and low and behold...... they are going to free lance with me! ssssssooooooo stoked. thanks a million lady!
Kim Smith

"Thanks again for having me in today. You were so funny in your rage about "rip and run" readers, as I believe you called them. Funny but justified. Anyway, thanks again for having me in. I'm doing two Wendy's spots tomorrow, and I've been doing this great narrative description job (describing the actions for the blind) for Law & Order:SVU, for the USA Network. We're about 100 episodes in. Also, two new ibooks and a video game for Scholastic. And Dannon's. etc. Am I boring you yet? YOU MADE ME THIS WAY!! ;o)"

" Hey I just wanted to thank you for today. It actually felt awesome and I had a wonderful time reconnecting with​ linda . It was also super nice to chat with some folks from brads class and some folks like Nadia that is best friends with one of my dear friends whom I've met many times before. Such a small world. "
Melissa Jones

" Thank you thank you for bringing me in for the meet & greet -- such fun meeting Linda, and also obviously the best possible environment to do it in :) Hope the rest of the crew knocks it out of the park and both you & Linda feel great about today! Xoxo "
Michaela Morton

" Ciao Bella, Thanks so much for orchestrating the meet and greet yesterday. And for accommodating my late arrival. It was a terrific session with Linda, and I think she's eager to partner in the months ahead! Happy Sunday! - hugs

"Doriane is one of the best coaches and casting directors in the biz. I think the world of her!I'm really looking forward to working with you. Best,"
Andy Roth

"Hey Dor!! I've booked over 10 VOs in the past month (lots of commercials, animation, and online videos), mostly through Voice123, which has been a godsend. Many of them through my VO reel alone, so thank you so so much! I'm also freelancing with Don Buchwald & Associates (youth division for now), and I have a meeting with Diana with Arcieri on Wednesday (she said "any student of Doriane's is always welcome!"). Not to mention I got bumped up from a two-line part to the leading lady in a feature film shooting next week in Maryland, and a musical feature film this summer in Texas! Life is good! I've told about a billion people about you (no joke), so if you have any strange people contact you, I've probably referred them. ; )Hope you're doing really well! Thanks again for everything - I couldn't be more thrilled to be finally making a living doing what I love! And it's all thanks to you!!"

"hey Dor, how's it going? after that one session with you, just booked a Con Edison spot last week. recording it next week Wednesday! :) the flat-fluid-small technique to ingrain the copy in my brain and allow me to more easily go off the page for a more real/natural delivery, building the spot in my head was all it took! thanks for the lesson. i'll be in touch again when i'm able to schedule another session! hope you're out enjoying the beautiful weather today! Best,"

"Hey Dor ! I got put on hold for a NUK bottles spot I auditioned at Judy Keller! Utilizing your teaching!!! Have a great weekend!"

"I booked an LA VO!! yay! I used flat fluid and small on the copy it was two pages and i rocked it out (they said they couldn't believe what a good reader i was...)... THANK YOU for all you taught me! i am far from NY but always remember your wisdom!!!!...I've thought of your coaching while recording often. thank you!!!! miss you, xoxo "

"Hey Dor!!! Just wanted to tell you I have a callback for a commercial that shoots in Baltimore--- because I implemented your wise teachings!!! I'll keep you posted ! And THANK YOU for everything!!!!"
Kerry : )

"thanks again for calling me in and all your help in general.. You are the best and I value your opinion, I work hard at making this a viable income for myself and most of all I enjoy doing it..a lot.. thanks for everything.... it really helps me... Love ya "

"Thanks for always pushing me! it's because of you that i'm starting to BOOK!!!!Please let me know if you have any more Phantom but kickin nights planned! Miss you!"

"Hey Dor! Wow lots of bookings!!!!!! So my agents love love love the demo....they are already sending me out on Monday for a Fanta soda commercial. And they listed me on voicebank in animation and commercial...wahoo. Your demo is a HIT!!!! :) ;) XO"

"You are an absolute gem and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with you! See you in the Voice class and maybe the OC class. Xoxoxo!"

"Dor- Thank you for being such an inspiration as well as a friend. This year has been the best yet, and you are the cause! I hope I can make it up to you somehow, some day."

"Thanks for the audition today! xoxo'Mel"
Melanie Crispin

"Hey Dor! I just e-mailed Jeb my stuff and he wrote back asking me to come in for a meeting on Tuesday. I am super excited and a little nervous! I wanted to thank you for reaching out to him. I appreciate you putting in that good word for me! I'll let you know how it goes! Fingers crossed!! love you!!! Best,"

"Just recorded my first v.o. GIG!! All thanks to you, Dor! I was nervous, but it was really fun. Thanks for everything :)"
L, H

"Looking back on the year , meeting you and coaching with you is one of the highlights. see you soon and thanks again for your support this year! next year will be even better. xo"

"Thanks for calling me in! Always happy to get more experience behind the mic :) "
Ariana Swenson

"Thanks so much for letting me come in and audition and never letting me get away with anything;) You're the best"

"Thanks again for another wonderful butt-kicking. Your class is just awesome."
John Hoener

"Thanks again for class yesterday - it was such a positive class! I cannot wait to keep working with you on VO - and cannot wait to see things take off! I have good feelings that they might, in no small part thanks to you : )."

"Doriane, Thanks so much for a great day on Wednesday. Being in the room with you as you were conducting the Kayak casting session was an invaluable lesson for me ... I now have a much better understanding of how a casting session runs, and hopefully will be better prepared for the circus as I'm starting to attend these types of sessions on my own! I also appreciate you're giving me a shot to read for the spot ... even being in the same booth with these incredibly talented actors - some of the best in NYC - was a thrill and a privilege. I thought our lesson went well, too. I really think that my ability to understand and interpret scripts is improving ... The 10,000 hour rule is true. FFS and Dreaded Threes forever, baby! I really appreciate the chance to work with you. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support. Cheers,"

"dearest teachie, thank you for all you do. you are an inspiration and a saint...who CURSES! i have never met a woman with so much passion and love, and i hope to always be blessed with you in my life. love,"
Jennie (Checchia)

"Dor, thank you for the hard work today. I like getting my ass kicked and I love getting better. And I just want to let you know that you just lit my fire. I will bust my ass to get this. Have a great weekend! P.S I am drinking tequila right now to help lick my wounds. !"
Douglas Taurel

"Hey Teach! Jason Griffith here. I can't wait to see you again. Ever since that one class, I've really been reaping the benefits! This month I've already booked two demos for Oral B and two spots for Vonage, wall to wall copy. I've used your technique and it has been fantastic! For both the audition AND the booking. Thank you so much. I've been doing quite a number of play readings as well and I apply your flat fluid small technique...and ....it's really almost like magic. Thanks again!"
Jason Griffith

"Hey, Dor - Thanks so much for the crash course! it was so informative, and i can wait to come again soon and soak up more!!!! looking forward to it being SOON!"
Sam Flemming

"Doriane, It was such a pleasure meeting you on Wednesday! Not only was it one of the most informative classes I have taken, but you were also a wonderful host and I really truly enjoyed my time and felt so welcome and at home. And nothing cures a cramping hand (all those names!) knowing I'm on the right path, so thank you. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet you and learn from you! I have been doing my homework - practicing FFS, looking up artists, and listening to commercials. Also, now I can officially say I am one of those girls on the train constantly talking to myself as I go over the copy in the ads. Which is perfect - I was looking for a way to be a little bit stranger in public! Honestly though, the class was so informative and also reaffirming: yes you can do this - just start working harder and working smarter! I'm looking forward to taking more classes with you in the future - and hopefully an on-camera class as well. Please keep me informed about upcoming classes and I look forward to seeing you again! All the best,"
Christina (the girl with the flowers in her hair)

"Hey Doriane, Thanks for a great class and for bringing me in directly for the SGU audition. You're the only teacher I've ever heard of who lets her students observe casting sessions. That is sooo great and so helpful! Please let me know of any others I can observe...even if they're not exactly for my type! All the best,"
Michael (Lockwood Crouch)

"Hi Dor- All hail Flat Fluid Small! Just booked national and cable for CIBA Contacts/ Eye care and was put on hold for Aquafresh. All hail Teach!! Thank you for the insights and tools! See you soon. "
Jason G

"HOLY S#$T! i booked the job!!! zyrtec!!!!! F*&CK yeah!!! records friday! whooooooooooohoooooooo!!!!!! (...and two days later...) Ok as if that wasn't enough good news... found out also I booked a SAG industrial for web MD that shoots Monday! When it rains it pours, right? Anyway, wanted to let you know also because I wanted to tell you how much your teaching and working with me over the years has helped me get better at auditioning, not just in voiceovers but in every situation. I went to this audition and I know I booked it because I know now how not to simply 'read' the copy. I found the words- just how you taught me- i hemmed and hawed. I made it conversational. anyway, thanks for everything. LOVE YA!"

"Hi Doriane, Had a national TV VO audition today so I got to practice right away... I used my new FFS tool and had a nice relaxed audition. Fun fact, I auditioned between Allyce Beasley and Ana Gasteyer, not bad.... I'm going to close my eyes and listen to commercials now.:)"

"Hey - just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class tonight. It's great hearing other students and its even better suffering in front of them! Builds a thick skin...I know how important that is in this biz!" See you next week."

"Wow. That was really helpful! So good to hear feedback on my own reads and compare to everyone else's. Lot's to work on for next class and beyond. Thanks and I'll see you next Tues."

"dor dor - OMG!!! that class at Phantom RULED! thank you SO MUCH! i can't believe that you were able to have us change our reads like that -- in the same take! like you said, i'm using this technique across the board. starting tomorrow at my on-camera."

"Great class! Look forward to the next one! " Thanks again! See you soon! "

"Hi Doriane, Wow, what a day! I wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to this class. It was amazing! I am still filled with adrenaline, and it just reaffirmed what I have been wanting to do for sooo long! What an incredible experience. Thanks again...."

"Hey Dor. Thank you for tonite. your other students were great. I had fun. You, as always, were wonderful. "

"Doriane, I forgot to mention that I did use your f.f.s. technique when I went in for the on-camera commercial as well and I booked it! I will get back to you very soon about that second class. Thanks again."

"Hi Teach- I just booked a new animated series for Marvel and will be recording nights. Thank you so much, by the way. The one class I took with you proved ENORMOUSLY helpful. I have been using the technique every chance I get, it even helped on set of the on-camera class as the writers were constantly writing new lines on the fly. (long and potentially confusing lines that, once I applied the f.f.s. technique, were a piece of cake!) I can't wait to study with you in the new year. Best,"



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