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Commercial On-Camera.  You asked for this, so here goes:

Four week on-camera class with not one, but TWO coaches to four students. This class will focus on getting comfortable in front of the camera, specifically doing commercial copy. My co-coach will be Ian Weiss, an Awesome Freelance Casting Director. Ian has cast such notable commercials and campaigns as Life Cereal, WebMD, Advair, Bank of America, Campbell’s Soup, BMW, Nike, Bayer, and the list goes on – not to mention the gazillion Voice-Over commercials he’s cast as well!!! Why is it great studying with a Freelancer who not only casts, but SETS UP sessions at the various houses? Because like me, he gets to call in his fav’s!!!! Not many Casting Directors get to set up the sessions; they just walk in and go. Not us. If we think you’re great, we get to call you in!!!! We will also be available for private coaching on Wednesdays before class, for anyone who needs to prepare for monologues, commercial copy, and/or audition sides.


All of these Classes are reserved soley for students who have studied privately with Doriane Elliott. They are held wednesdays at 6:45 - 8:30 for 4 weeks.

Please email doriane at DorianeElliott@gmail.com to find out when the next class is taking place.


Dor, Thank you guys a million billion for the four-week class. TOTALLY turned around commercial auditioning for me!!! xo matt w. cody
Matt W. Cody ( Ken Park Talent )

"Wow. Great time last night learning. Thanks! I can't wait to get my butt kicked some more so I can start booking some of these amazing auditions I'm getting. Xo"
John Cramer

"Class was rad. I was feeling really good as the night progressed. You rock!!!"
Kevin Grasmann

"Hi! just wanted to let you know i went in to jenevieve's this wk and met everyone and read some copy and she LOVED it and she's going to send me out for vo and commercial and maybe some tv ! so happy we got re-acquainted, love her! thanks for getting me in there again! xox"

"Hey Dor. Class was fun. Thanks a lot for suggesting it. Ian is great. I'm also writing to thank you for the vo coaching sessions. I'm sure you hear this all the time but I had an audition today and I used your techniques. The tools increased my confidence tremendously. I was able to give the engineer 3 different reads within the same general genre and he liked them all so much he said he was sending them all to the client. I don't think this would have happened before. Of course it doesn't mean I booked it, but I certainly feel that I was able to give the read a better shot as a result of your help. Thank you!"

"Thanks for the opportunity to watch, and to participate today.I'm looking forward to getting some feedback from you. Best,"
Mike Errico

"Thanks for calling me in yesterday! And class was awesome as well. See you tomorrow!"
Kyra Selman

"OC class was great! so nice to work with such great people who are full of encouragement and positivity! thanks so much :)"

"Hey Dor! I wanted to let you know that Jeb Berstein at Paradigm called me today and he said he wants to sign me. AND when I come in to sign contracts to meet with the on camera department! Of course this would not have happened without you, and I am more grateful than I can express in an e-mail. Dor, thank you! Very best"
Ava Eisenson

"Thanks for the session today & thanks so much for letting me sit in on the Aflac casting. I definitely learned a lot getting to see things from your side of the booth - totally eye opening.I'm so glad we're working together! "

"I just booked another on-camera job and i know that it is thanks to you! i have been a fairly steady booker, but lately, i just FEEL it so much more... it's more real and less of a "did i do it right?" so, thank you. you've got an amazing way of teaching with USABLE tricks and techniques that make sense! and you are so right when you say that your techniques apply to everything in this business. MWAH!!!! xoxo "
Janai Devon

"Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for holding that spot for me in the on-camera class. I really feel like I got a lot out of that. Ian was awesome! All the feedback was very specific and thoughtful and I'm happy we got to try a bunch of different things. :) I look forward to seeing you soon!"

"Hi Doriane, I hope all is well! I wanted to let you know I just finished filming a Guest Star role on Gossip Girl, I play a Roman Book Publisher, accent and all:) the tweaks you gave me helped tremendously! I'm in LA for meetings, I'll set an appointment up with you upon my return. Enjoy the Spring weather in the City! xoxo"

"What a terrific class! Well structured and insightful. Ian and Dor - you rock. And I appreciate the creative and supportive vibe from all. Thanks again so much!!!"

"Dor, I wanted thank you again for the opportunity to join you at Phantom yesterday. Amazing experience. You're the best."

"Hi guys, I wanted to thank you both personally. It was a great learning experience. I thought I made great improvements and want to continue working on my sh............t!. Peace "
Armand Mazza, ATLAS Talent

"Thanks again for class! I enjoyed it. I got so much out of it! "
Keith Mannino, Innovative Artists

"You and dor are so amazing. I am extremely thankful for being in your class. I have learned so much. xxoo to my great teachers,"

"hi guys! thank you so much again for such a wonderful class, i learned so much about a world i knew nothing about and now feel comfortable and confident going in for on camera auditions. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!! you guys are so great!"

"Jenevieve just called me last week for 2 auditions! thanks again, and see you soon! xoxo"
John Cramer

"Doriane, i am SO glad i listened to FACEBOOK and signed up for your class! This has been a great start to my commercial career, and i can't wait to start applying the FFS, your "dreaded" 3 - all of it in my auditions. you have a GREAT workshop! a BEAUTIFUL apartment! thanks so much for everything!"
Brandon H.

"Thanks, Dor! I just booked Alcatel mobile! F.F.S.!! All the way! It just frees you up to take any direction and be super quick about it. I owe you! By the way, two of my lady friends were thanking me profusely for introducing them to you via your private lessons. You rule, and everyone knows it. Best,

"I can't say enough about my experience taking Doriane and Ian's class. Every class was so well prepared for and organized, and since it was so small we got an incredible amount of individual time as well as learning from watching the group. I went from someone who had never tried on camera work and didn't know any of the specific vocabulary, to feeling like it was a new comfort zone of mine. I recently had my first on camera audition and because of their class, I was at ease and not worrying about the wrong things. Walking in there and feeling confident was a pretty incredible feeling, and I'm so grateful to Dor and Ian for that.

"HOLY SHIZA! I would not have had the chutzpa to do this without your vote of confidence and help with the preparation. I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with you! Holy Moly. Have a great day! MUAH MUAH! MUAH! Bestest,"

"hey, dor, i officially booked duncan hines, and an industrial for the cannes film festival. thanks, dor!!!! it's all because of you!! love you,"

"Dor - Thanks for the great class. You and Ian are great together. I feel we really moved to another level. You're the best."
John Hoener

"Dor and Ian, I just wanted to let you both know how much I have enjoyed your on-camera classes the past few months and cannot put a price on the value. I watched myself progress and become confident and able. My career is about to begin, I can just feel it! Love you guys!"

"Thanks again so much! I am pumped up about July 1st, and this Wednesday with Suave. I am so excited to take the class on Thursday!"

"Doriane opened me up to a whole new area of talent I didn't even know I had. She helped to strengthen my technique, especially for auditions. Her on camera class with Ian Weiss partnered with her one on one training has given me the confidence to go out there and do what I came here to do."
Jenny Checchia

"Taking the on-camera class with Doriane was a BLAST!! Not only did we learn how to act and behave in front of a camera, but we also learned a lot about ourselves! I became more aware of my facial expressions and body language that can be key to the way people are viewing you and that is definitely something you wanna know! Ian was a fantastic director and I could not have been more comfortable to perform! The greatest thing about the class was that it was small and in a familiar setting so you don't even have to worry about adjusting to a new place! The class is so positive and everyone helps each other out! We had SO much fun in every class and for me, I know I grabbed some valuable direction that I can use for voiceovers as well!"

"I am glad I found Doriane and Ian's class. It's small and intimate. I learned so much. It's really great to be a part of a class where you get to meet a wonderful group of people and you always feel welcomed. I look forward to being a part of their class again soon."

"This class exposes you to the world of commercials from top to bottom. Ian and Doriane share everything they know about the breaking into the industry. They site real life examples explaining what to do and what not to do. You will hear about testimonials, copy, castings, directing and have a chance to apply all of this in the class with two people who want you to succeed. They do this everyday, so they know. You will see yourself on-camera reading real copy while receiving direction from two premiere casting directors. If you have any desire to become an on-camera commercial actor, then take this class!! And to top it all off, it is so much FUN!"
Nancy Auerbacher

"The on-camera class with Ian and Doriane is the best investment I can think of to hone your techniques. this is the class for everyone! What I liked about Ian and Dor's style is that they get excited when you are most yourself. They don't want someone to be put-on, affective, or trying too hard. They praise you for your strengths and suggest ways to bring them out. This is not a forum where you will be criticized and picked apart! It's all about growth.... They also encourage you to clothes, hairstyles.. It is all in preparation to get you more comfortable in front of a camera. If you are new at this, the class will prepare you for auditions! If you have been at this for awhile, it's going to allow you to improve your comfort level and the mannerisms and speech patterns you didn't know you had! They are warm and engaging and are approachable to talk to about questions about this crazy "biz". It isn't JUST an on-camera class. You are getting a peak into this world and how to either break in---or navigate it. I am so glad I met them, and I have felt my confidence grow and change--even in just a few short weeks. Thank you both!!"
Pam Bunnell



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