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Doriane has placed dozens upon dozens upon DOZENS of her students with agents of the smaller boutique size to the top EIGHT union commercial agencies in NYC.

She also has gotten both commercial and legit management for over 100 of her clients, and the numbers keep on growing by week. She not only teaches her students her technique, but she takes on their careers as well. And if she feels she cannot place them, she simply will not take them on.

She has become a fierce career facilitator for everyone who walks through her doors, and makes sure that her clients are completely prepared to be viable, working actors; she makes them literally be "no-brainers" when it comes to agents WANTING to represent them.

Doriane is also an experienced voice-over teacher and private voice-over coach, as well as a co-teacher for on-camera commercial classes, offering classes in-studio at Phantom Audio, and co- teaches small on-camera classes of no more than 5 students with fellow Casting Director Ian Weiss. Doriane accepts small groups of students for full four week intensive courses, and trains actors on a one-on-one basis. All courses/private lessons cover every detail the actor encounters from the moment they walk in the door of the casting session to the moment they leave. Plus, everything Doriane teaches you (breaking down copy, how to execute her tried and true Flat, Fluid, and Small technique) will cross over into everything else you do. �from on-camera commercials, to KNOWING sides for anything legit � stage, TV, and movie sides, my technique will have you MORE than prepared. The proof is in the pudding. I get more thank-you emails than I know what to do with regarding my technique�.


Having a good (musical) ear is one of four very important factors in being a great voice-over artist. The other three? Being able to break down a piece of copy (ie: what’s going on in the spot, knowing where you are in the spot, who’s your target audience, etc.), being a technically great reader (learning to read copy flat and fast, so as not to become “married” to it), and learning to trust yourself enough to be a great actor... to sound like you’re NOT ACTING!


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