You rocked it. You all make me CONTINUE to love doing what i do!

okay — now for some shout-outs, my wonderful babies! BRETT ARESCO was put on 1st refusal for an EQUINOX vo, and recorded more SUBWAY spots! ELI BRIDGES – who kicked ARSE last nite at dixon place for NHB – is about to start shooting in a feature film, and also recorded more spots for SUBWAY! SARAH BETH PFEIFER has two nat. network SWIFFER spots running,

PETER DEGIGLIO booked an internal spot for DELOITTE! SARAH PESEK booked a vo for PROCTOR&GAMBLE, and got put on hold for  AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE, JAMIE MORRIS booked DIME BANK, and got put on 1st ref. for PRO-AIR INHALER! MAGGIE POLITI – who just signed with ABRAMS –  got put on hold for a PHARMA, TAMAR SCHOENBERG, CARLA CAPRETTO, AND BRIAN CADE ALL GOT PUT ON HOLD FOR PREGO!!!

JASON GRIFFITH – recorded spots for NICORETTE/NICODERM, ALMAY, VIBERZI, demos for DEER PARK, INVOKANA, and VERIZON tv and radio… NANCY EVANS  – another of you NHB amazing performers – booked a vo for a PHARMA, and a part in a FEATHER LENGTH FILM!  RYAN BESS WINNICK got put on 1st refusal for METRO PCS, AND 3 commercial callbacks last week, incl. one v/o!!! and MERIEL DAY booked a BLOOMBERG radio spot!!! yippeeeeee!!!!

ANDY DANISH and CAITLIN DAVIES got nominated for a VO arts awards! CAITLIN’S was for DRAGON BLOOD and now has been cast as SISTER JAMES in OCEAN STATE THEATER’s production of DOUBT!

JIM O’HARE narrated a new SAG documentary “WHERE’S JOHNNY FLEISCHMANN,” produced/wrote/co-starred in a new SAG short called “TROUBLE” and booked a nat. net. spot for BOOST! MEGAN MACPHEE got put on hold for VO APPELLATE, METRO PCS,  HASBRO, and THEN had a callback! CARLA CAPRETTO recorded TWO PURINA CAT CHOW demos yesterday!

oh! almost forgot to shout out the kiddos from my last class. you rocked it. you all make me CONTINUE to love doing what i do. ALL OF YOU!!!