Tons of bookings !

hellllllooooooo, annddddddd…shout out:
It definitely turned out well for one of you, RYAN BESS WINNICK! got a callback for BEAUTYREST, (as well as SAT CHARN FOX) and from there  ran to a booking for ATHLETA! also, RYAN recently booked a :60 spot for STONYBROOK VEIN CENTER, she’s also a lead in A FENIMINE ENDING, running Feb 22 – 24. KAREN MUSEY booked a vo for a web commercial for FRONTPOINT SECURITY, CHRIS SCHNEIDER booked a VO for MGM PARK! SARAH PESEK booked GOOGLE, COLGATE, 3 SPOTS FOR ESL BANK was on FIRST for ZULILY, was pot on hold for Tgrisso, for her FIRST audition with her new agent, she books it! JC PENNY multiple spots! she also got put on hold for OXICLEAN, and got a callback for a big STORAGE CO. (hush, hush.)

YES! DAVE WEINSTIEN booked NASACOURT, FLORIDA LOTTERY, and RAPTOR LAWN. KAYLIN CLINTON booked two lead voices for the remounting of a classic 80’s cartoon, booked a Nat. Net. for CERTAPRO, and booked two lead voices for the new season for a beloved children’s series. (more details on both projects when I can say the names… right now, shhhhhh!) MIKE METH and DEBBIE IRWIN were in a play together, called THE DATE for New York THEATER FESTIVAL at the HUDSON GUILD THEATER. so sorry I missed it! TAMAR SCHOENBERG booked CON ED, LIGHT PATH, and the newest MEALS ON WHEELS campaign! CARLA CAPRETTO recently recorded this TOTAL WIRELESS SPOT! GO, CARLITA! and I was so lucky a couple of weeks ago! I was able to sneak out during the day to see two of my babies in a reading! MARSHALL YORK, COURTNEY SPILLER, AND my dear DEAR friend ANDREW ELVIS MILLER was one of the leads in it. what a great 2 hours of hooky for me!

PETER DEGIGLIO seems to be on an amazing streak as well! recently booked a web ad for ANCESTRY.COM, and SANOFI! and MEGAN MACPHEE! the adorable engine that could! got put on hold for an IHOP VO, booked ago spot for MARINELA and is in L’ELISIR D’AMORE at the MET! and guess what?! her web series(UN)BALANCED is going to play at ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE in KATRA FILM SERIES GRAND FINALE! yay! RASHMI SINGH’S screenplay THE DIVIDE got selected as a quarterfinalist in the ATLANTA FILM FESTIVAL SCREENPLAY COMPETITION. and OMG, SATOMI HOFFMAN ends me this great IBM spot, and not only do I see her, but MATT BALLARD as well, (and I had just seen Matt on a pharma spot!!!!) and I saw 3 other actors I see at casting sessions all the time! All people I love and adore. what great company you were in, SATOMI!!!  and check out TIFFANY TRAINER’S BEAUTIFUL.AI oc commercial!

I JUST GOTTA SAY… I’m so FREAKIN’ PROUD to call each and every one of you my “baby.”

teach xox