This has been another AWESOME few weeks : )

News from Doriane Elliott
hello, amazing students!

well, this has been another AWESOME few weeks for a lot of you, and i must say, kudos to so MANY of you – omg – you’re soooooooo getting your acts together! (literally!) your demos, your shots, your ACTING REELS, your websites!!!! i LOVE THAT!!!! and my gawd, all the holds and bookings…. so proud, so proud

And now for shout-outs… wow, so many, so once again, get comfortable… congrats to ANDY DANISH! the NATION LAMPOON COMEDY ALBUM was released, and ANDY’S in it! yay!!! he also booked a vo for the NJ DEVILS, an industrial for TOM TOM, and got put on hold for ADR for a DAVID MARQUETTE MOVIE! NADIA VYNNYTSKY booked an OC commercial for SMIRNOFF. BRETT ARESCO booked another SUNTRUST vo, KAIRA KLUEBER got put on hold for NFL, HEWLETT PACKARD, and BOOKED SUBWAY and CARRABAS! SAT CHARN FOX got put on hold for a LMN ROLE, as well as SUNTRUST, and AMOS WOLFE booked a role on MADAM SECRETARY (and it’s sounding like it’s recurring!!! fingers crossed!!!) CAROL JACOBINS is keeping busy, for SURE! she sang backup for TIM TUTTLE and his band at the cutting room for a tribute to GROUND ZERO.

CAROL also booked vo’s for CITIDIRECT, BAY CREEK REAL ESTATE, AND TOUJEO. SHE ALSO BOOKED voice of BRILINTA! PETER DEGIGLIO is doing GREAT! THREE bookings and a hold this month! bookings were PREVAIL, HUMIRA, and NANDO’S PERI PERI CHICKEN, and the hold was BOSTON MUSEUM OF SCIENCE. ALISON BURKE booked 2 MORE spots in an educational series that AOL will be running in sept! and check out ALLEN TATE’S song releases! awesome!!! and looks like the album is coming out soon! and

CARLA CAPRETTO booked MOVADO/KAY JEWELERS CAMPAIGN! – nat’l network, cable, and all new media! and she had a callback for an OC PRILOSEC commercial! SARAH PESEK‘s SO on a roll, holy cow! booked an equity role for a reading of KRIS KRINGLE THE MUSICAL that will take place next month at the davenport, she’s on avail for P&G and has a callback for an OC for UNSICK DAYS, and booked a role for SEGGIS! and check out ELI BRIDGES’ MAMA JUKE every TUE. nite at E. village social (aka E.V.S – 126 st. marks. Eli also booked a part in a film called NO ALTERNATIVE. 11 days of filming! and OMG, can’t wait til the GOTTI film comes out, cuz MEGAN LEONARD’S GONNA BE ALL OVER IT, YO!!! GIRL’S ON FIRE! SARAH BETH PFEIFER was put on hold for TWO OC COMMERCIALS – one for a PHARMA, and the other – which she BOOKED – for PC RICHARDS!!! she also got put on hold for for a CITY MD vo!

PEREGRINE HEARD was put on hold for SENSIMIST, BRIAN CADE booked TV and internet for KY, and a big promo job – that he’ll be doing ongoing from home from his newly updated studio! KEVIN GRASMANN is the voice of nat. net. MASTER CARD – MASTER PASS commercials (WITH MORE SPOTS TO COME!) MEGAN MACPHEE got put on hold for HASBRO, and check out her cute PSA!
TAMAR SCHOENBERG booked a vo for the NATIONAL CONSUMER PANEL, and APPELLATE RADIO! ALASKA MCFADDEN booked a role in a feature film! omg — is that IT?! (kidding.)