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For this weeks’ bookings and holds

Published on July 12, 2014 By doriane

Hi kidlets! For this weeks’ bookings and holds… ryan andes! voice of frank the buffalo for frontier! check out this cute spot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUzR9JYjVQM so freakin cute!!!!  he also got cast in yu-gi-oh! http://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-zexal/memory-thief-part-1/803  AND did a vo spot for how to train your dragon two, AND did a vo for TV dick’s sporting goods!  he’s also doing a bunch of theater that i can’t even keep track of! this is YOUR […]

More & more booking!

Published on July 3, 2014 By doriane

And now… (drumroll, please!) here’s what’s been reported back to mama:  jamie m. booked an AVO for “i can’t believe it’s not butter” demo, and so did megan m! and last week, paul b. did! you guys are just… taking over!!! daniella r. booked 2 wendy’s radio spots, claire d.- omg! claire! newly married claire!!!! congrats, lady!!!!! well, MRS. claire booked more jc penny spots, taking her up to over 90 freakin’ national spots, yo! she also booked […]

Here’s some more good news!

Published on June 22, 2014 By doriane

Here’s some more good news! adam m. booked reebok, satomi h. was put on hold for amex, paul b. did another spot for the new App “Hook’d”, a VO for “I can’t believe it’s not butter” demo, & had a callback for an OC for VMware!   sarah p. got on hold for comcast, and booked a […]

Awesome week kidlets!

Published on March 9, 2014 By doriane

Some good news!!  ryan a. is the new vo for frontier! margot booked and recorded a TV VO for belviq, erica w. booked a kids interactive ebook. the voice of a hamster! adorable. and omg – check out kaira k’s OC for pure romance. kaira also just shot another “what would you do” and is on hold for another… i think that’s number 4! and yay to sarah p. who booked a VO for a […]

Don’t fall away from your dreams, your goals and your aspirations

Published on January 19, 2014 By doriane

hello, amazing actors!!! I hope some of you got to watch the sag awards tonite. i personally loved bryan cranston’s speech. pretty much said it all. just stay at it, guys-  and don’t fall away from your dreams and your goals, and your aspirations… ya gotta start somewhere. and OMG, speaking of beginnings – seeing that clip from the electric company – rita […]

Good news makes us all feel good!!!

Published on January 12, 2014 By doriane

hello to the kidlets! Cheers to the following peeps!! (and the rest of you who have good news to share, don’t forget to share it! good news makes us all feel good!!!) Andy danish had a couple of good bookings – vo for ruby receptionists, and a narration for TX teen driving! carla’s on hold […]

Nice week for some of my babies

Published on October 7, 2013 By doriane

well, good socked-in sunday! perfect day to stay in and watch a black and white movie. (ah, i remember those days when i could….) at the end of this email, please check out the cool stuff. one is a link for the BOO short play and musical festival, and the other is for those of […]

More booking! :)

Published on September 29, 2013 By doriane

hey, kids! Gonna keep this one really short – crazy weekend ahead of me…okay! first of all, please see below for two GREAT events  – one on suday being a benefit for the freedom to marry – see details below, sounds awesome, and again, no holds barred on monday – where you’ll see at least […]

GAWD it’s been a fruitful week for so MANY of you!

Published on August 14, 2013 By doriane

well, helloooooooooo!!!! well, my GAWD it’s been a fruitful week for so MANY of you!!! good for ALL of you! first of all, winnie got put on hold for a pharmaceutical video! erica – who is BEYOND on fuego – shot a nutrisystem spot –  that she had auditioned for RIGHT after her booking for foodsaver! she also booked a print ad for abilify, and check out her ally bank […]

What an awesome week!!!!

Published on August 5, 2013 By doriane

hey, kids!!! what an awesome week!!!! gonna keep this a SHORT one, BUT! wanted to throw out all the congrats! okay!!! three cheers to the following kidlets: nancy evans got put on hold for a verizon OC commercial, AND dragon voice recognition software!!! you’re on fire, nancy!  fingers crossed!!!!! as if last week’s news for nadia wasn’t enough, […]