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You guys have been kickin’ booty this past week, and i’m so so proud!

Published on August 22, 2015 By doriane

Hey, guys – you guys have been kickin’ booty this past week, and i’m so so proud! first of all, sean shannon booked and recorded a vo for motorola on friday, and got put on hold for wendy’s! sarah beth pfiefer booked a job for the huntsville ballet company, and now one for an online […]

Many of you are kicking major booty! (last 2 weeks)

Published on May 16, 2014 By doriane

Once again, i’m happy to report that many of you  are kicking major booty. yay!!!!  so cheers to you peeps!!! kaira klueber – our queen of avails, queen of casting directors LOVING HER – was put on hold for  duncan d’s VO and macy’s OC! harris diano booked an industiral for sebago, and satomi hoffman booked a VO for bausch and lomb! brian cade recorded two more tv sprint national spots, an aflac demo, and is on hold for met life tv! nadia gan shot […]

Awesome week kidlets!

Published on March 9, 2014 By doriane

Some good news!!  ryan a. is the new vo for frontier! margot booked and recorded a TV VO for belviq, erica w. booked a kids interactive ebook. the voice of a hamster! adorable. and omg – check out kaira k’s OC for pure romance. kaira also just shot another “what would you do” and is on hold for another… i think that’s number 4! and yay to sarah p. who booked a VO for a […]

So proud!

Published on February 9, 2014 By doriane

okay! so here’s what happened this past week! katia recorded a promo for mtv, and erica – who’s on freakin’ fuego – booked a promo for the food network! monica booked YET another audio book called “pandemic!” brian cade booked a promo for the science channel! paul b. got put on hold for sara lee, […]

Don’t fall away from your dreams, your goals and your aspirations

Published on January 19, 2014 By doriane

hello, amazing actors!!! I hope some of you got to watch the sag awards tonite. i personally loved bryan cranston’s speech. pretty much said it all. just stay at it, guys-  and don’t fall away from your dreams and your goals, and your aspirations… ya gotta start somewhere. and OMG, speaking of beginnings – seeing that clip from the electric company – rita […]

Totally makes me soooo proud + links for headshots, sites and studio

Published on September 21, 2013 By doriane

well, hello everyone! Another great week for so many of you. totally makes me soooo proud. as always. a few of you took that last email to heart, and have set up appointments with Sabrina for new shots, and a couple with other photographers. YAY, YOU!!!! let THIS be “GO TIME!!!!” also a couple of […]

GAWD it’s been a fruitful week for so MANY of you!

Published on August 14, 2013 By doriane

well, helloooooooooo!!!! well, my GAWD it’s been a fruitful week for so MANY of you!!! good for ALL of you! first of all, winnie got put on hold for a pharmaceutical video! erica – who is BEYOND on fuego – shot a nutrisystem spot –  that she had auditioned for RIGHT after her booking for foodsaver! she also booked a print ad for abilify, and check out her ally bank […]

What an awesome week!!!!

Published on August 5, 2013 By doriane

hey, kids!!! what an awesome week!!!! gonna keep this a SHORT one, BUT! wanted to throw out all the congrats! okay!!! three cheers to the following kidlets: nancy evans got put on hold for a verizon OC commercial, AND dragon voice recognition software!!! you’re on fire, nancy!  fingers crossed!!!!! as if last week’s news for nadia wasn’t enough, […]

Really proud of so many of you!

Published on June 9, 2013 By doriane

hey, kidlets! Another great week, and again – really proud of so many of you! gonna keep this short, as it’s a nutty weekend for me… so! cheers to the followng peeps: mike d. recorded more spots for optimum!!! great to know ya gotta campaign, kiddo. jamie a., jamie m, and cody were ALL put […]