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So! some shout-outs to more than a few of you!

Published on February 15, 2016 By doriane

So! some shout-outs to more than a few of you! first of all, check out eli bridges’ music video he did with his buds  – all accomplished in  48 hours! love it, and i see jon mccormick’s in it, too! https://www.facebook.com/RWProductions/videos/vb.478697432220787/980737365350122/?type=2&theater  also, debbie irwin booked a vo for xyzal, the antihistamine, megan maphee booked carSense, carol jacobanis got called back for estroven and booked a vo for caron! brett fresco got called back for a video game, and both […]

Quite a bunch here, during this “slow” period of august, hehe!

Published on August 19, 2014 By doriane

Okay. are you sitting?  There’s quite a bunch here, during this “slow” period of august, hehe… keith o’brien booked a role on a “teddy roosevelt” pilot for the history channel! bobby foley got put on hold for a morriott OC, and matt cody got a callback/first refusal for blue buffalo sizzlers vo! also check out his play THE LIST http://www.fringenyc.org/basic_page.php?ltr=L#TheLis   jamie askew booked a national OC spot for SPRINT! trina mar booked something for fisher price, and has been asked to do another! claire […]

Lots of great news this week!

Published on October 26, 2013 By doriane

well hello to all the kidlets! okay!  for the good news! great couple of weeks for some of you, and THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME your good juju! makes my day when i get your emails! yay, madison turner! just got off the cruise ship of performing “rock of ages”, and guess what? she just signed […]