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Made me PROUD to be your COACH!!!!

Published on September 7, 2015 By doriane

hey, guys!!! happy labor day!!. well, i’m working, getting ready to kick your butts, now that the summer is over! before i do my shout-outs, i wanted to let you all know that i think i have found my replacement for sabrina, my favorite headshot photographer. sabrina’s gonna take a year off to love on […]

Here’s what’s been happening with some of YOU – GREAT stuff all around, peeps!

Published on April 27, 2015 By doriane

Alyson leigh rosenfeld booked a buick radio spot AND a SAG animated feature film.  kaira klueber got put on avail for huntington bank, and booked a spot for papa ginos! satomi hofmann got a callback for hellmans, as well as another callback for a national spot for crowne plaza hotels and resorts! sarah pesek booked a tv spot for st. fisher college, then two hours later, got called back to the studio to record a spot for price waterhouse cooper! she also booked IVR for wellspring camps!  kevin grasmann booked […]

Great news these past two weeks

Published on March 18, 2015 By doriane

okay! so it seems there has been a ton of great news these past two weeks, so, yay!!! i’m not sure i posted this, but matt j. harris booked a day player role on person of interest last week, and also booked a part on a zaxby’s commercial.

Once again, great news and tons of bookings!

Published on September 2, 2014 By doriane

hello to the amazing actors i call my kidlets!!! So many of you have been doing so well and i’m SO proud. (that’s a lot of so’s, but it’s SO how i feel!) okay! let’s get to the good stuff, so we can get on with our holiday weekend! satomi – just had the most awesome headshots taken by the amazing sabrina […]

Here’s some more good news!

Published on June 22, 2014 By doriane

Here’s some more good news! adam m. booked reebok, satomi h. was put on hold for amex, paul b. did another spot for the new App “Hook’d”, a VO for “I can’t believe it’s not butter” demo, & had a callback for an OC for VMware!   sarah p. got on hold for comcast, and booked a […]

So great to see so many of you at the sessions!

Published on June 15, 2014 By doriane

Hello to the kidlets! So here are some cheers to those of you who have been holding and booking and letting me know! good for you guys! both alanna heraghty and gina fitch were put on hold for target, brian cade booked 2 more sprint radio sessions, more ben bridge radio spots coming down the pipeline, as well as more nat geos narrations! maggie poloti just got cast as marilyn monroe in ‘MY WAY”, the frank […]

This has been a pretty great week!

Published on May 26, 2014 By doriane

Well!, this has been a pretty great week for so many of you! as you all know, i’ll NEVER get tired of all your texts/emails of your holds and bookings, plays, all of it!  means all our work is paying off. and that makes me sooo happy!  before i get into good news and available times […]

Awesome week kidlets!

Published on March 9, 2014 By doriane

Some good news!!  ryan a. is the new vo for frontier! margot booked and recorded a TV VO for belviq, erica w. booked a kids interactive ebook. the voice of a hamster! adorable. and omg – check out kaira k’s OC for pure romance. kaira also just shot another “what would you do” and is on hold for another… i think that’s number 4! and yay to sarah p. who booked a VO for a […]

Your great booking/hold news!

Published on March 2, 2014 By doriane

okay! thanks to those of you who always send me your great booking/hold news – i can’t tell you how it makes my day knowing you’re moving up, and growing, growing, growing! BOOKING OVER EVERYONE ELSE! HA!  so… hold onto your hats, as this is two weeks of good stuff!!! katia h. booked a promo for MTV, recorded FOUR more spots for kohl’s, and was put on hold for bailey’s! monika s. booked YET another audio […]

So proud!

Published on February 9, 2014 By doriane

okay! so here’s what happened this past week! katia recorded a promo for mtv, and erica – who’s on freakin’ fuego – booked a promo for the food network! monica booked YET another audio book called “pandemic!” brian cade booked a promo for the science channel! paul b. got put on hold for sara lee, […]