Shout outs!

And now for some shout OUTS! DEBBIE IRWIN has been booking, yo! she recorded for PANDORA, JEFFIFER FURNITURE, LINDT CHOCOLATE TV DEMOS, and REXULTI TV DEMOS! she also did SPEED QUEEN DEMOSSIEMANS, narrations for ORACLE, POLARTEC, a VIDEO GAME trailer, and PBS TREASURES OF NY: THE ST. GEORGE THEATER NARRATION! DORIE CASPER’S short “THE FRIEND ZONE” also won an award in The Best Shorts Competition! and check out this funny short written and produced by MAGGIE POLITI, and directed by CORY STONEBROOK!
TIFFANY TRAINER and SARAH BETH PFEIFER were in it, too! this troupe of peeps keep making more and more comedic shorts, which are getting great reviews! check out this blurb by on their newest one!  SARAH PESEK booked another radio spot for ESL, FEDERAL CREDIT UNION (10th one!) and a second spot for CAREER BUILDER.COM, a LIVE ACTION FEAT vo, and another vo for a HUSH-HUSH new company… let us know when it’s out, girl!  MEGAN MACPHEE! her new web series called UNBALANCEDWEBSERIES.COM is an official select @NYCwebfest! that whole crew of my awesome babies are in it! SO FUNNY!!! ALYSSA BLOCK got put on hold for a nice tech vo job…. MICHAEL MORTON recorded two french/english childrens books w/ MADELEINE EDITIONS and she’s in a workshop of T(w)o Train by Tanya Everett. PETER DEGIGLIO  got put on first refusal for a web ad for CHARCOCAPS gas relief tablets, and the aforementioned KAIRA KLUEBER got cast in more “WHAT WOULD YOU DO” – omg, i’ve lost count how many she’s done so far!!!! CARLA CAPRETTO –  a 1st refusal for ZELLE, recorded a BENEFIBER demo, and has more GARNIER spots always flowing in!
DANNY GOODMAN has been in a show, check it out! looks like a funny twist on… CHEKOV?! yup, you read that right…  ANDY DANISH did more telecom. work for MONEYGRAM, industrials for PEPSICO, and GETINGE, and had a performance at the PIT! BRETT ARESCO and co. are in a show, too!  wow. you all are doing it! being creative! making it happen! and OMG! TWO OF MY BABIES SIGNED w/ DBA IN ONE WEEK! congrats to JON MCCORMICK and MEGAN LEONARD! and… have you seen this spot? apparently, it’s running everywhere!
go DAVE WEINSTEIN!  and one more person, makin’ it happen.  LENORE MARKS is fundraising to  make a movie! check it out here

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