Shout outs !

okay! where to begin!!! first of all, when I was at HONEYMIX the other day, I’m walking by studio B, and I hear Conrad mixing a spot for INDEED.COM. and who’s two voices am I hearing in the spot? WILL DEMEO, and PEREGRINE HEARD! WOW, DID THAT MAKE MY DAY! BOTH PARTS BOOKED BY MY TWO BABIES!

TAMAR SHOENBERG got put on hold for LINZESS, PETER DEGIGLIO got put on hold for BUDWEISER, and booked a TV VO for URINOZINC!  KAIRA KLUEBER got a callback for FORD! ANDY DANISH booked a CITIBANK industrial, got put on avail for  a LAYS POTATO CHIPS in-cineman ad, and got put on for DOS EQUIS!

CARLA CAPRETTO – who’s voice I seem to be hearing every time the TV is on – has spots for TOTAL WIRELESS running, booked a VO for ACS, an industrial for INVEGA TRINZA, a spot for DEN TEKAS, as well as SUMMER’S EVE! SATOMI HOFFMAN booked industrials for KPMG and ERNST & YOUNG, and got a renewal to re-up NUCALA! AMANDA BRUTON’S episode of HIGH MAINTENANCE aired, and STEVE REICH’S episode was on DECEPTION! ALYSON LEIGH ROSENFELD booked 3 GEICO commercials and a new NICKELODEON video game.

HELEN LASER booked a principal role on a commercial for FATHOM EVENTS, 1 of 2 leads in a film – alongside her man – CLAY WESTMAN, shot a supporting role for season 1 of PRIMAL INSTINCT, a vo for OGX HAIR PRODUCTS, and a commercial for a SKINCARE COMPANY! also, the short she wrote was screened in VIENNA and did some social media/print work for SUBWAY! RYAN BESS WINNICK booked more spots for BEAUTY REST, and SARAH PESEK booked more JCP spots, and booked MGM GRAND Las Vegas spots with CHRISTOPHER SCHNEIDER! (again, so great when you guys book the same spots together, and even when you’re being sent out from different agents! haha! you guys are EVERYWHERE!!!!)

JON MCCORMICK and BRITT GENELIN killed it in AXIS THEATRE’S rendition of HIGH NOON! MEGAN MACPHEE booked recurring roles for EMMA and GHOST GIRL on the animated series YU-GI-OH! VRAINS! DEBBIE IRWIN seems to be on a crazy roll! recent jobs include MEDIEVAL TIMES promo, LINDT, PANDORA, HYATT HOTELS promo, NOVARTIS, GE HEALTHCARE, JENNIFER FURNITURE, and NATURE’S BOUNTY! and this wed, 4/4 ALLEN TATE of SAN FERMIN will be performing his solo album at PIANOS (@PIANOSNYC) his voice/music/ is awesome!!!!

teach xox