Get your “Acts” together!

Also- HERE’S TO NEW BEGINNINGS!!!! this is the time of renewal!  GET YOUR ACT’S TOGETHER! (PARDON THE PUN!) put your packages together; shots, reels, websites, business cards… make it EASY for people to FIND you! CAST you! For those of who still need to make a website,  or give your old one a “facelift,” a shite-ton of my “babies” have gone to Mickael Blanchett. he rocks!!! and here, he’s being quoted in a BACKSTAGE article! go, mickael!!!

(you can find a ton of examples his site at: here’s the article!!!

BRING ON THE FALL!!!!!!!! (can you tell i’m so happy????!!!!!! LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!!)


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Some major shout-outs !

So… i owe you some major shout-outs, and I hope you’re comfortable, cuz here goes nuthin’, hehe… EMMA LOVE  booked an OC spot for vivident gum! (of course. have you seen that smile?!) she also recorded spots for chobani and hasbro! KAIRA KLUEBER – who i JUST can’t keep up with – got a first refusal for tide, on hold for ky, nickelodeon, callbacks for Fedex, 1st refusal for babiesRus, and got put on avail for subway! MEGAN DENSMORE   keeps on recording more TV spots for acuvue AND maybelline demos, JESSICA DISALVO got put on hold for citibank, RYAN WINNICK – who along with GEORGE PRIMAVERA got put on for google, also got cast in a production of medea at the gene frankel theatre (AND IS RUNNING NOW!) and check out MEGAN MACPHEE’S ebay spot! adorable! like megan! MELANIE CRISPIN and PETER DEGIGLIO both got put on hold for gap, NADIA VYNNYTSKY got called back for an OC spot!

Check out CARLA CAPRETTTO’S sherwin williams spot!  again, that has got to be one of the ugliest green colors i’d throw up (literally) on a wall, but your voice sure sounds beautiful, carlita! BRETT ARESCO’S on fuego lately: just shot an energy drink OC spot with a famous nascar driver, and has been recording a bunch of subway VO’s! MAGGIE POLITI recorded 5 more promos for dance moms, and was in a show called baby fat at la mama! ELIZABETH DUGAS – yay!! you’re finally back from being on tour!!!! – recorded dress barn’s fall 2016 campaign!

ANETTE SAUNDERS was in the musical INSOMNIA – which sadly i couldn’t attend, CAROL  JACOBANIS has had a shite-ton of print work, and is now on her 18th audiobook! i remember when i announced your first, haha!!!! KISHA  MILLING booked an OC kohl’s commercial and KATIA HOERNING booked more fisher price spots! AMANDA BRUTON got two callbacks for reebok, and got put on hold for carolina health care, and SARAH PESEK booked american beauty pasta, and got put on avail for cambridge bank! PAUL HINKES rocked it (literally) in the musical DUST CAN’T KILL ME alongside a very talented group of cast mates, ANDY DANISH booked a nat. VO for NIKKO, as well as industrials for american century and cvs! BRIAN CADE, also on fuego, yo. check out his ADT OC nat. net spot:  looking good! brian also shot a costar for gotham, and a guest star for “i love you but i lied!”. no, i’m not done with brian…. he also recorded more sessions for tru tv and it’s looking like he may be the new voice of the navy federal credit union! (and there are two more hush-hush things that we can’t know about until they go full-up… more on that hopefully, later!)

SARAH BETH PFEIFER has had a shite-ton of callbacks; at&t gigapower, carpet one,  national highway safety, and CarSense. she’s also got swiffer vo’s going on! MEGAN LEONARD was out in cinci, shooting a great role for the new gotti film, (omg, you look so DIFFERENT as a brunette!!!!) and ELI BRIDGES booked an at&t VO, as well as a part in mozart in the jungle! MATT W. CODY booked a co-star in HOUSE OF CARDS!!!! he also did a vo for renting made easy. JIM O’HARE recorded 8 total demos for two campaigns! – an OC medical inustrial for xGeva, and has a nat. net. spot running for trumenba pharma! here he is doing the FBalance!  yay, jim! NANCY EVANS…omg… 2 shoots, and 2 more scheduled! AND will be performing in off b’ways “pillers of NY” at the st. luke’s theater, 8/30 – 7th! and i think that’s it for now! if i missed ANYONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, AND I’LL SHOUT IT OUT AT THE NEXT ONE!!! as always, please send me your good news! love knowing what all my kiddos are up to!!!!

teach xox

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aaaannnddd…. SHOUT -OUTS!

Aaaannnddd…. SHOUT -OUTS! and as usual, please lmk if i’ve forgotten something, or you forgot to tell me something, and i’ll SHOUT IT OUT next go-around. SO! going back a bit, as i have been remiss in shouting OUT – SARAH BETH PFEIFER(listen to reel) recorded more spots for SWIFFER!

PETER DEGIGLIO, who has a bright and shiny new website, recorded a spot for ARBELLA INSURANCE, MEGAN MACPHEE(listen to reel) booked a PSA vo for CALIFORNIA HOSPITAL ASSOC., a spot for EBAY, and 6 spots for FISHER PRICE! KAIRA KLUEBER(listen to reel) got a callback for CREST, and booked a spot for CORNERSTONE REAL ESTATE, and TAMAR SCHOENBERG(listen to reel) – who seems to be on fuego lately – booked and recorded a CAMPAIGN for FIRST HEALTH INSURANCE, just did a table read opp. DAVID BEACH AND CLINTON KELLY for a first draft of a musical adaptation of PILLOW TALK for B’way, and recorded a beautiful campaign for MEALS ON WHEELS, and recorded an industrial for KIO SENTRIX.

CARLA CAPRETTO(listen to reel) recorded revisions for McDONALD’S TV vo, her SHERWIN WILLIAMS demo went final (and now is NATIONAL NETWORK!!!) and recorded more spots for the GARNIER CAMPAIGN! BRETT ARESCO(listen to reel) booked more SUBWAY spots, KATIA HOERNING(listen to reel) booked 6 spots for HASBRO’S MY LITTLE PONY.

CODY SCHREGER(listen to reel) booked an OC for PURELL, AND her NO HOLDS BARRED EVENT featuring some of our kids like ELI BRIDGES(listen to reel), MATT HARRIS(listen to reel), NANCY EVANS(listen to reel), and KAREN MUSEY(listen to reel) was a HUGE HIT, and raised funds for TWO great animal causes!!! (next one, OCT. 13TH!) and SARAH PESEK booked a vo for a SAM’S CLUB project!!! so…




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Shout-outs! First of all, apologies to KAIRA KLUEBER! she BOOKED NY lotto! CAROL JACOBANIS booked a vo for Havas Health, right from our demo, and ANOTHER right off our demo, for Kyocera! (lots of those kinds of bookings these past two weeks!) She also booked the role of a producer in a new web series called What To Watch.

MAGGIE POLITI booked Old Bey, NANCY EVANS booked her 2nd vo in two weeks! first one was for a pharma, and this one… well, she had to sign an NDA… RYAN BESS WINNICK had a callback for Sour Patch Kids gum , and a 2nd callback for an off b’way show called MY Big Gay Italian Crisis. and MEGAN MACPHEE! check out her voice on these birch box spots!   BRETT ARESCO booked and recorded a spot for Heluva Good! Cheese, and recorded more Subway spots! ALYSON LEIGH ROSENFELD booked a SunTrust commercial, and a lead character on a Nickelodeon SERIES!

BOBBY FOLEY (who will sadly be leaving on a jet-plane; moving to LA, baby…) booked vo’s for Cannes and Starbucks! ANDY DANISH, always workin’… also booked a HelluvaGood Dip vo, Marrriot, Deloitte Digital, Moe’s SW grill, is on hold for Abercrombie, and will soon be back up on that stage at Lincoln Center in the ensemble of Florencia en el Amazonas!  The aforementioned amazing CODY SCHREGER booked an OC for, and is on hold for another OC spot, this one for Conair! KATIA HORNING booked Fenderright off our demo! (told ya there were quite a few!!!) MEETU CHILANA booked 3 demos for… Oh, dear… Tropicana???? I know it’s for a HUGE OJ CO., and PEREGRINE HEARD booked Otezla TV VO.

Joe Avellar’s PSA for Downs Syndrome with Olivial Wilde has already gotten over 2.1 million views and counting, just over 2 months! JOE also booked a two day shoot for DUOPA, and co-starred in the season closer of Blue Bloods! and YET ANOTHER booking off our demo; this time it’s Susan Molloy! for Restylane Lift! JACQUELINE RAYMOND had two OC callbacks; Crest, and AT&T!

and I THINK THAT’S IT. Anyone else who forgot to reach out… you know the drill!! so PROUD OF YOU ALL!


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so! shout-outs! :)

So! shout-outs! BRIAN CADE had a great couple of weeks; booked a Nat. Net. VO for NAVY RED. CREDIT UNION, NUTRISH PET FOOD, BELSOMRA PHARMA, and an ANTI SMOKING PSA, as well as VOLVO INTERNET, USPS Cat. 1, and more BEN BRIDGE spots. Also booked a co-star role in the new show NIGHTCAP. PETER DEGIGLIO booked another WALMART ripple effect Web ad, booked an internal corp. video VO for GOLDMAN SACHS, and got put on hold for PREMIO SAUSAGE!  KAIRA KLUEBER got put on hold for NY LOTTO, and SARAH PESEK got put on hold for HASBRO, and booked PREMEIO SAUSAGE! CAROL JACOBANIS BOOKED PREMIO SAUSAGE AS WELL!  (omg, so many sausage jokes coming to mind, but i’ll refrain. well, whoever cast it, he/she obviously LOVES my babies!!!!ERICA WIDES WAS ON TWO LIVE SEGMENTS FOR FOX NEWS – showing yummy food picnic stuff! thank GOD she didn’t have to talk politics! GEORGE PRIMAVERA! vo demo JUST hot off the presses, and he’s already had his first booking! FRONTIER!  go, kid, go! 

MATT W. CODY got put on hold for a PSA for ABC TV, and a video spot for BURGER KING/CANNES VIDEO FESTIVAL! MERIEL DAY, despite a fractured hip, went to her booking for CERAVE! what a trooper! and carlita pepita/carla carpet/CARLA CAPRETTO is having one HELL of a year! She booked a SHEWIN WILLIAMS DEMO, and recorded four more spots for GARNIER! MEGAN MACPHEE booked a vo for NINA RICCI fragrance, a VO for ONEXTON, and booked 10 scripts for an E-LEARNING company, and two spots for BIRCHBOX! !

CODY SCHREGER got put on hold for WENDY’S OC, JAY JOHNSON just booked a spot for HISCOX INSURANCE, and tomorrow, GREG JONES will be on CBS at 10pm on the season finale of SHERLOCK HOLMES; playing an FBI agent who clashes with LUCY LIU and JONNY LEE MILLER!  YAY!

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Shout-outs (and that’s just the people who reached out to mama!) + No Holds Barred

hello, to the kidlets! 

well, i only have ONE spot this week, i’m so sorry to say, (WED. NOON) bec. i’m leaving on thurs. for 10 days to see family… so, after the marathon of shout-outs, i’m going to put out times for the two weeks after i return. thanks to those of you for understanding about getting bumped last week due  to all the casting sessions. and thanks to all of you who fit the specs for the sessions… you kicked arse, and made me so proud! 


so it seems i have to go back almost 3 weeks of shout-outs – and trust me, i am never, EVER gonna let that much time pass EVER again, cuz, i have so many shout-outs, it’s UNREAL!!!!! GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!!!!  omg, i hope i get all this right…..

AS ALWAYS, if i forgot someone, (or you didn’t reach out, and want to) please lmk, and i’ll post it on the next one… carol jacobanis… seems to be doing pretty darn well! booked a role in the animated series called MAGIC ADVENTURE, a print job for ESTEE LAUDER, and had a gig singing at DORIAN GREY in the east village! she also got put on hold for PREMIO SAUSAGE VO, AARP, AND CULTURELLE OC! sarah pesek also got put on hold for PRIMO SAUSAGE AND FOR FRIGIDAIRE as well!

brett aresco… omg, is on FUEGO…  booked an OC for SPEEDWAY GAS STATIONS, and SEVERAL vo’s for CHOBANI and SEVERAL for SUBWAY, and his CONNECTPOINTZ spots are airing again! he also had a performance at LOVECRAFT, and every mon. in april, he’s been performing his parody called “LOCKED UP BITCHES” at the PIT. he was also put on hold for SUN TRUST, along with george primaveraand sat charn fox, who ended up booking it, and who also happens to be on hold for FRONTIER! sarah beth pfeifer was in final callbacks for a new musical adaptation of TREASURE ISLAND, and booked a vo spot for ALASKA CYBERKNIFE, an industrial for GENIE DIGITAL ASSET MGMNT. SYSTEM , and performed at the LAURIE BEECHMAN THEATRE, and… drumroll, please… booked a vo for SWIFFER!  carla capretto got put on avail for TD AMERITRADE, LYRICA, and recorded an internet spot for XOLAIR, an industrial for GARNIER, (cuz she’s the voice-of, yo!)and was put on avail for a secret bus. pitch… wonder what is was….. hmmmm…. kevin grasmann booked a CHARTER radio spot and a V8 internet spot!

PETER DEGIGLIO got put on hold for a DOS EQUIS international industrial, and recorded for WALMART-ONE – another web ad in their “ripple effect” campaign. he also recorded another vo on a sizzle reel for a new project! eli bridges got put on hold for more nat. network SUBWAY spots! andy danish got called back to voice the lead character for a new animated series produced by WBGH! and alyson leigh rosenfeld booked spots for SESAME STREET, NICKELODEON, an industrial for VENUS/BRAUN, and a spot for 1800FLOWERS! OMG! jay johnson booked another 2 sessions with CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS, and booked a vo for FRANK’S RED HOT SAUCE! 

Erica wides got put on avail for JET BLUE, kaira klueber got put on first refusal for chevy radio, MATT J. HARRIS booked a 2 day co-star on BLINDSPOT, amanda shy booked a supporting role in the feature film THE MANHATTAN FRONT, a vo for sanderson farms, a part on a web series, and got put on hold for a SHORT! meriel day got put on hold for ceraVe! and laurie hymes booked a nat. radio spot for DISCOVER!

 SO! and that’s just the people who reached out to mama! but trust me when i say, i will NOT let close to 3 weeks go by again!!!!


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News and tons of ‘shout-outs’ – bookings !

News from Doriane Elliott

News from Doriane Elliott

OKAY, SO FORGIVE ME… haven’t shouted out in a few weeks… just been a crazy time! so… get comfortable, hehe… and if i forgot someone, or you wish to add, just lmk, and it’ll go out on the next one!!!! and before i get going with individual shout-outs, i wanna do a general shout-out to ALL of YOU, who are hunkering down, and getting your ACTS together, for real… from new pics, to getting your legit reels together, to getting your lists together… i’m so VERY proud of you… talent isn’t enough, and the fire is being lit under quite a few of your ARSES, and it makes me BEYOND proud, BEYOND happy…. i love seeing so many of you checking your “chores” off your lists!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! okay… now back to what’s been going on…  sarah beth pfeifer got put on hold for creme de la mer, got called back for a national highway safety vo, and performed at 54 below in a concert featuring the music of tony greenlaw, AND she booked a narration for webmd. oh! and she booked a vo for an industrial for may friend diana…. i believe it was for… GM/BUICK! yay!  jamie morris booked a vo for aarp and got put on avail for zicam! kaira klueber booked  WWYD again for ABC, and got put on hold for venus!! megan leonard booked a vo for charter schools in baton rouge, megan macphee shot a carsense OC and got put on hold for a google vo! jay johnson recorded 2 spots for state farm, and 2 for cambridge university press! code schreger booked a vo for chobani, and here it is!

eli bridges recoded more subway vo’s, andy danish recorded industrials for nissan, cadillac, and got put on hold for hallmark! peregrine heard booked her first job for west elm! alyson leigh rosenfeld booked a series of spots for venus razors! peter degiglio booked an industrial for nestle, a video game for blizzard entertainment, and got put on hold for arm and hammer cat litter! sean shannon booked a vo for! lisa claire booked a role on the animated series called world of winx, and got called back for the animated series called bing! she also is doing a remount of the show called steve of tomorrow at here artcenter, march 16-19! carla capretto’s national spots for garnier (radio, tv, web) seem to be running quite healthily!

and if i missed anyone!!!! please lmk!!!!!

Teach xox

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So! some shout-outs to more than a few of you!

So! some shout-outs to more than a few of you! first of all, check out eli bridges’ music video he did with his buds  – all accomplished in  48 hours! love it, and i see jon mccormick’s in it, too!  also, debbie irwin booked a vo for xyzal, the antihistamine, megan maphee booked carSense, carol jacobanis got called back for estroven and booked a vo for caron! brett fresco got called back for a video game, and both emma love and cody schreger got put on hold for elexctrolux, and cody booked it! margot steinberg booked a part on ILYBIL, and a small role in unbreakable kimmy schmidt! satomi hofmann booked an industrial for pricewater house, and one for master card! kevin grasmann booked a vo for choice hotels!!!

and that’s all, folks! enjoy your c-c-c-old VD, hehe!!!


We’ve had a lot of good stuff happen lately!

We’ve had a lot of good stuff happen lately! eli bridges, still on fire! check out his voice for the nat. net. tv spot for subway! and carol jacobanis booked a vo for premarin! eva kantor got put on hold for nexplanon, and kaira klueber booked NY lotto on her BIRTHDAY, and oooooh, fingers crossed  – is on first refusal for both penske and xfinity OC!

sarah pesek booked a second session for ESL ferderal credit union, maggie politi booked a pilot for TruTv, and a vo for a sizzle reel for keshet studios. and all her swedish fish spots are up on youtube. so cute! both michael hauschild AND anjuli sanneman booked blacklist!

christopher schneider booked a demo for tropicana, sarah beth pfeifer got a callback for carSense, and sat charn fox was on TV on ILYBIL! that’s three of my chickies on that show! (kaira and sarah beth were in it recently, too!) and check out andy danish gracing the cover of the ny times review of tosca! andy! i’m so sorry i couldn’t get there! was it even on on saturday?

did i miss anyone? if so, please forgive and remind me!!!!! so proud of you all as always.!!

teach xox

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MORE bookings!!! awesome

MORE bookings!!!

so! brian cade! did a nat. net. or consyntex, and internet spot for dymo printer aShot, and a nat. net. etrade spot with kevin FREAKIN’ spacey and Robert Duvall! OMG!!!!! cody schreger was just booked this ENTIRE week for nike!

and check out satomi hofmann’s new “choose-your-own-adventure” web commercial for smart water starring jennifer aniston! the spot in itself is cute, and there’s our girl satomi playing merilla, the opera singer! try it, and pick her!!!

carla capretto booked garnier! nat. net, cable, and internet! also booked a 3m demo! jon mccormick had a director’s callback for blue bloods – omg, fingers crossed – and carol jacobanis had a callback for premarin. steve liski booked frank’s red hot,  andy danish will be in the ensemble of a production of tosca at lincoln center with the new york city opera, and sarah pesek! booked 3m, on star, and st. john fisher college! 

so TOTALLY making me proud to say i’m your coach. just… sayin’…

more soon!
Teach XOX

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