OKAY!!! OMG… SHOUT. OWWWWWWWTS!!! BRETT ARESCO! the kids video game that he recorded while traveling in budapest back in april had him back again for 3 more of “BLAZE & THE MONSTER MACHINES” for NICK JR! he also got put on hold for CAPE COD FIVE BANK, as well as more SUBWAY spots!

T. FLINT recorded 2 spots for USPS, and  joined the cast of the animated series TRANSFORMERS RESCUEBOTS. he plays GRIMLOCK! CHRISTOPHER SCHNEIDER got a callback for an ESPN OC commercial! BRYNNE KRAYNAK booked a SAMSUNG vo! CARLA CAPRETTO has more GARNIER nat. net. down the pike, ANDY DANISH booked an industrial for PEPSI, is on hold for a TV spot for KIKKO, and got a callback for NICK JR! CODY SCHREGER recorded more vo’s for BARCLAYS/AMERICAN AIRLINES, and check out KAYLA CONROY and co’s HUMAN TELEGRAPHS! an adorable new web series coming your way soon! they reached 97% of their fundraising goal. badass!

SARAH PESEK booked another vo for MY LITTLE PONY, and JILL SHACKNER recently recorded 3 nat. net. commercials for COTTON and each month for the show RUNNING on the YES network! DANNY GOODMAN booked a vo for a cancer drug training video, as well as a KELLOGS demo! NADIA V. booked a vo for FIRST THINGS FIRST! MEGAN MACPHEE did 10 vo spots for  THE TRAVEL CHANNEL, and also recorded for MOVETHISWORLD.COM.

CARLA CAPRETTO booked a K12 educational TV VO, got put on avail for GILETTE, recorded 2 CREST demos that will hopefully become nat. net., and also did a demo for TIDY CATS! KEVIN GRASMANN booked 4 MASTERCARD TV commercials, and two radio spots!!! RYAN BESS WINNICK booked a FARMINGTON BANK commercial as the principal, and a YALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH commercial. CT is loving you, girl!

MEGAN LEONARD! FIRST KILL has been out in the theaters as of 7/24! she’s got another one coming out soon, as well! JOE AVELLAR booked the new ADAM SANDLER move called THE WEEK OF, also starring chris rock and steve buscemi! PETER DEGIGLIO got put on hold for an OC web ad for AMAZON WEB SERVICES, and booked a role in a doc about the football player/murderer AARON HERNANDEZ. and AMANDA BRUTON shot two co-stars! one on AMAZON’S THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL and one on HBO’s HIGH MAINTENANCE!

YYYYYYYYAAAAAY, KIDLETS!!!! if i missed anyone, throw me the info, and i’ll get it out on the next one!!!!

teach xox