Now for some shout-outs! !

Now for some shout-outs! SO. if you see some new SWIFFER spots running on tv and wonder who that new voice is… it’s SARAH BETH PFEIFER! so thrilled they keep using you, girl. hope you’re their “new voice of!” certainly is looking like it! COREY STONEBOOK booked POPEYE’S, as well as SONIC, with damon harrison from the NY giants! MATT HARRIS booked a BOUNTY radio spot! CAROL JACOBANIS booked a vo for an OXICLEAN HD test spot right off OUR DEMO!

she’s also shooting a role in a documentaty on the photographer rodney smith, AND got put on hold for BRILINTA, as well as a REVLON print job! ALASKA MCFADDEN got a first refusal for ADIDAS! MERIEL DAY booked two vo’s for MAGNIFLEX! PETER DEGIGLIO got cast in FLAT AND GENTLY SLOPING TOWARD THE BAY by brian hugh, in the ONE ACT PLAY FESTIVAL. BOTH my ABRAMS girls –

MAGGIE POLITI and ALYSON LEIGH ROSENFELD were put put on avail for ULTA, and ALY booked the 5 spots for them! LIAM LANE had an AWESOME guest starring role on LAW AND ORDER, KAIRA KLUEBER was put on 1st for a pharma print job for CUVITRU, got put on hold for JC PENNY and TD AMERITRADE! ANDY DANISH did an industrial for PRUDENTIAL, and ANIMAL CHARACTERS in P KING DUCKLING airing next month on DISNEY JR! check out the link!

AVA KANTOR booked an AVO for OA! and SARAH PESEK got put on 1st for AMERICAN BEAUTY PASTA, avails for CMS MEDICARE SERVICES, and a booking for a BIRCHBOX holiday spot, as well as FIDELITY, and ON STAR! CARLA CAPRETTO got put on avail for more XOLAIR, and booked SERTA! and check out this cool article on ALLEN TATE! his music is so awesome. double thumbs up from my BODHI-O. and looks like GEORGE PRIMAVERA’S on first refusal for BMAT OPIATE ADDICTION TREATMENT… and tonite, i hope some of you got to catch the wildly funny ERICA WIDES at the PIT, performing her LAUGHING SALAD FACE as part of SOLOCOM! yay,

ERICA!also ran into NANCY EVANS at NICK RONAN’S screening of his amazing short VINYL UNDERGROUND, as part of the NY SHORT FEST. and one last thing… had an amazing experience watching so MANY of your movies at the iPhone FILM FEST, from amazing BRAD CALCATERRA’S ‘THE STUDIO. can’t say enough great things about the talent that fills that room… and the sense of community, love, and collaboration goes beyond anything i can imagine. you people rock… THE STUDIO was also featured on HBO’s VICE, and a few people from HBO were at the film fest as well.


Teach xox