Nice round-out, people!!!

So here we go!!!

TRINA MAR was put on avail for CALVIN KLEIN vo, and booked a live commercial as a featured dancer that aired during HAIRSPRAY LIVE, and omg — i had an audition at phantom for SONOS, and mary shows me this list…. clean sweep!!!

ALASKA MCFADDEN, JESSICA DI SALVO, AND PEREGRINE HEARD all got put on hold!!!! OMG!!! PEREGRINE booked all three spots! BRIAN CADE… hmmm. where to start on this last month… he’s still is doing his MSG promos, he’s the voice of NAVY FEDERAL, he recorded 3 spots for KY (still love you brian, even though my brother owns SLIQUID, hehe…) recorded more Tru TV promos, demos for a huge coffee brand (shh top secret for now) more BEN BRIDGE radio and TV tags, a radio spot for CHASE, PRISTIQ TV, and an FDA TV demo… YOWZA!

MEGAN MACPHEE booked a HEALTH QUEST spot, SARAH BETH PFEIFER and SEAN SHANNON booked 2 demos for a new business pitch for a beer (shhhh, another secret) RIGHT OFF OUR DEMOS!!!!! LOVE THAT!!!! PETER DEGIGLIO got cast in 3 non-speaking roles for the documentary-style show MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM on the TRAVEL CHANNEL, booked a radio spot for vermont lottery, got put on hold for DENNY’S, and BUD! and while i’m at it, RYAN ANDES got put on hold for BUD, too! KATIA HORNING booked 5 spots for HASBRO – 4 for MY LITTLE PONY, and one for TROLLS! CAROL JACOBANIS booked a spot for AUDIBLE!
ALLEN TATE has all sorts of performances with his own music and SAN FERMIN as well! follow him on twitter to get all the info!!! go allen!@avtate. and download his solo album! it’s awesome! ANDY DANISH!!!!! back up on that stage in the super ensemble of NYC OPERA’S production of CANDIDE at LINCOLN CTR, director, HAROLD PRINCE!!! KAIRA KLUEBER callbacks for VERIZON oc, booked a NAT. NET. BUD LIGHT oc commercial, and booked more ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO’ episodes! SARAH PESEK booked a vo for DUKE HEALTH! CARLA CAPRETTO recorded three more GARNIER SPOTS, more XOLAIR spots, and check out her new KAY JEWELERS SPOT! COURTNEY SPILLER booked a CITIBANK spot! and almost forgot — SEAN SHANNON booked a CUMBERLAND FARMS vo, and ELI BRIDGES and VIRGINIA LOGAN both booked a NAT. NET. VERIZON OC commercial! MAGGIE POLITI got put on hold for COPPERTONE! 

nice round-out, people!!!

Teach xox