hey, kids! SO many shout-outs! I LOVE GOOD NEWS!

hey, kids!   SO many shout-outs! SO many shout-outs, so i’ll get to that now, since this didn’t go out over the weekend…. (and i’m sorry for that but it was my son’s birthday, so i was a bit busy!) so! where to begin… PEREGRINE HEARD booked a MASTERCARD vo, both PETER DEGIGLIO and PAUL HINKES were put on hold for SAMSUNG, and PAUL booked it! RYAN BESS WINNICK has had a shite-ton of call backs for vo’s! OPEN DOORGLINT, and AIRWICK! for OC, eBAY, and IFC/PORTLANDIA! you’re gonna book soon, girl. just wait til that demo’s done! GEORGE PRIMAVERA recorded two spots for MUUNA COTTAGE CHEESECAROL JACOBANIS got called back for VW and had holds for HARVONI and CARMAX!

KATIA HORNING got put on hold for THE NY TIMES and DEVOR, JACQUELINE RAYMOND and RACHEL BURKARDT had callbacks for CREST OC, and SARAH PESEK booked a SIMPLY SMART vo, KAIRA KLUEBER got put on hold for a vaccination for MERCK, and was in a commercial that ran for the SUPERBOWL for BUD LIGHT! SARAH BETH PFEIFER recorded a vo for AUDIBLE, and check out her PC RICHARDS oc spot! https://youtu.be/LmkcnHYG6_4

MARSHALL YORK booked a vo for CHICK-FIL-A, and KENDRICK REINCH booked a role on QUANTICO, and AIDAN HART booked a role on BLACKLIST! and check out PATRICK JOHNSON’S ELIQUIS oc SPOT! wow! it’s ALL PATTY!

and i think that’s about it, unless i missed someone! please send me your good news; i LOVE GOOD NEWS!