Hard work together is making great things happen!

so… how cute is this spot for lands end that AMANDA TUREN was in?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2JaLN284OY&feature=youtu.be she also booked a job in chile – where she got to ride a horse in the dessert! amanda! let us know how it went! she also got a callback for a NICKELODEON LIVE! GAMESHOW hosting spot! SARAH PESEK booked a TV spit for BYDUREON BCISE, a podcast ad for LYFT, and is in the KRIS KRINGLE musical at how all starting CATHY RIGBY! MEGAN MACPHEE did more E-LEARNING VO work for scholastic, and was in EXTERMINATING ANGEL at the MET!
check out this NY TIMES article! https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/27/arts/music/exterminating-angel-review-metropolitan-opera.html SARAH BETH PFEIFER… where to start, the girl is a busy one… here’s her new spot for DISNEY CHANNEL’S live action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST/”DREAM BIG PRINCESS” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AXGHzItYcM, and she did 2 spots for NOKIA CONNECTED HEALTH DEVICES,  is on hold for even more DISNEY, and a TOYS R US spot, shot more for PC RICHARDS, and her REPHRESH commercial is still running!!! KEVIN GRASMANN is THE voice for MASTER CARD MASTERPASS!  hearing them on TV, cab rides. yay! here’s the newest with KAT DENNINGS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50P71XDMPnE&feature=youtu.be AIDAN HART was in a show called MUD at PLAYWRIGHTS. sounded like a much-loved but very “gross” play. so sorry to miss it!
TAMAR SCHOENBERG recorded 3 vo’s for the french company SANOFI – in both english and french! MEGAN LEONARD booked a NAT. radio vo for DUNKIN DONUTS! AMANDA SHY recorded 4 BRYERS radio spots and a lead in a dramatic short film that shoots next month! RYAN BESS WINNICK booked an ADIDAS v/o for a workout app they’re developing, andshot a DOT commercial. yay! BRIAN CADE always has stuff going on… shot an episode of QUANTICO, recorded several RED LOBSTER TV demos, PRINGLES cat 2, more COSYNTEX TV, more weekly MSG PROMOS, NAVY FEDERAL TV, did and NBC promo for the OLYMPICS, a pharma TV demo, NY LOTTO TV and a video game for UBISOFT! HELEN LASER  – vo’s for PERKINS AND LEXI!
BRETT ARESCO recorded more SUBWAY spots, CARLA CAPRETTO recorded YET another GARNIER tv spot, and KAIRA KLUEBER – got a callback for STATE FARM OC, and got on 1st refusal for an APPLEBEES vo!!!! great going, kiddos!!!! and again, if i’m missing someone… lmk!!! alwayssssssss brightens my day knowing our hard work together is making great things happen….
teach xox