Good news! lots of bookings again!

DANNY GOODMAN! PIRATES OF PENZANCE ADAPTION was a NEW YORK TIMES PICK! read all about it! and check out his vo for MUMMU ANIMATION CO’S xmas  card! good for you, DANNY! ALASKA MCFADDEN booked a costar on sweet bitter, and SHIRA ADLER did her 3rd TOPRICIN NATURAL PAIN RELIEF radio spot, and her book ‘THE ABC’S of CBD: The Essential Guide for PARENTS (and regular folks too) – ‘Why Pot is NOT What we Were Taught” is on AMAZON! check it out here:
PEREGRINE HEARD booked, and she wants us all to come and see SHEILA. it’s about the outrageous paradox of female existence in this country. check it out. and here’s there fb:
ROSANNE RUBINO BOOKED DIETLAND, and was put on avail by GOLDFINCH! and OMG, CODY SCHREGER! VO bookings: BOEING, more BARCLAYS, DUREX, more ADP, and ATT LOTUS and got put on hold for PEPSI and now NASACORT and did and now NASACORT. also did an OC commercial for HOMER learning App. great month for CODY!
MARSHALL YORK booked a ZAXBY’S commercial! and for all you music folks out there, check out ALLEN TATE in SAN FERMIN! they’re awesome! jan 11th and 12th at BROOKLYN BOWL!
teach xox