ALWAYS MAKES MY DAY!!!! where to begin!

okay! shouuuuuuuuuuut ouuuuuuuuuts!  dear lord, where to begin!
RYAN BESS WINNICK booked a vo spot for AM FAM, and got put on hold for CT LOTTERY! NANCY EVANS left us to go on tour to singapore with SISTER ACT, JON MCCORMICK finished  his show DEAD END at the AXIS COMPANY with rave reviews – check it out —  he also is on hold for a MASTERCARD vo. SARAH PESEK booked a vo for HILTON, her BFF KAIRA KLUEBER booked two spots for MASTERPASS, and….. got her best job EVER ——– she’s a MOM!!!! to a beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD HENRY AJ!!!!!! sigh…so thrilled!  
and ANDY DANISH did vo’s for HARDEES and another industrial for PHILLIPS. PETER DEGIGLIO booked an internal video for CALVIN KLEIN, CARLA CAPRETTO booked YET another spot for GARNIER, as well as a spot for SERTA, my boy bodhi and i got to see SARAH BETH PFEIFER in LIGHTENING THEIF  – which will soon be moving to an even bigger theater, and omg! here she is singing at the DRAMA DESK AWARDS! (they were up for 3 awards, including best musical!!!!)
SARAH BETH also booked a social media vo for BRAVECTO. MEGAN MACPHEE booked these cute SMIRNOFF SPOTS! and OMG, AMANDA BRUTON’S “CONFESSIONS BY CONNIE” was added as an official selection in the NYC FESTIVAL in the SHORT SKETCH COMEDY CATEGORY! ELISABETH NESS booked NOISES OFF at SHADOWLAND STAGES, and wow – check out MIKE MCGOWAN’S MOVANIK spot! so funny. and punny! and check out this review of HAMLET ISN’T DEAD! MERIE CLAIRE ROUSSEL was in it, and i hear it was GREAT. ugh. sorry i can’t be to a lot of your performances, my babies… single parent…
BRIAN CADE… always on fire, yo… narrated a 3 part series, WILD THAILAND, that aired on nat geo, doing more MSG, COSYNTEX TV and MTV promos, TV spots for RACHEL RAY NUTRISH, plus demos plus industrials for VIACOM and PS4. and check out this SAM ADAMS spot voiced by LAURIE HYMES. and check out CAROL JACOBINS’ MARCUM OC SPOT! and TAMAR SCHOENBERG! vo jobs for conEDLOWE’S AND LEXIS NEXIS  – web and industrials.
and BRYNNE KRAYNAK and LIAM LANE both got called back for SAMSUNG, and check out this great review in the NY TIMES of SOOT AND SPIT! go, PEREGRINE HEARD!!!  PEREGRINE also booked more SONOS spots! and check out this funny F#$K BOYS video with COURTNEY SPILLER and crew!
whew! am i all caught up? hope so! AS ALWAYS, LET ME KNOW YOUR GOOD NEWS!!!! ALWAYS MAKES MY DAY!!!!