OKAY!!! OMG… SHOUT. OWWWWWWWTS!!! BRETT ARESCO! the kids video game that he recorded while traveling in budapest back in april had him back again for 3 more of “BLAZE & THE MONSTER MACHINES” for NICK JR! he also got put on hold for CAPE COD FIVE BANK, as well as more SUBWAY spots!

T. FLINT recorded 2 spots for USPS, and  joined the cast of the animated series TRANSFORMERS RESCUEBOTS. he plays GRIMLOCK! CHRISTOPHER SCHNEIDER got a callback for an ESPN OC commercial! BRYNNE KRAYNAK booked a SAMSUNG vo! CARLA CAPRETTO has more GARNIER nat. net. down the pike, ANDY DANISH booked an industrial for PEPSI, is on hold for a TV spot for KIKKO, and got a callback for NICK JR! CODY SCHREGER recorded more vo’s for BARCLAYS/AMERICAN AIRLINES, and check out KAYLA CONROY and co’s HUMAN TELEGRAPHS! an adorable new web series coming your way soon! they reached 97% of their fundraising goal. badass!

SARAH PESEK booked another vo for MY LITTLE PONY, and JILL SHACKNER recently recorded 3 nat. net. commercials for COTTON and each month for the show RUNNING on the YES network! DANNY GOODMAN booked a vo for a cancer drug training video, as well as a KELLOGS demo! NADIA V. booked a vo for FIRST THINGS FIRST! MEGAN MACPHEE did 10 vo spots for  THE TRAVEL CHANNEL, and also recorded for MOVETHISWORLD.COM.

CARLA CAPRETTO booked a K12 educational TV VO, got put on avail for GILETTE, recorded 2 CREST demos that will hopefully become nat. net., and also did a demo for TIDY CATS! KEVIN GRASMANN booked 4 MASTERCARD TV commercials, and two radio spots!!! RYAN BESS WINNICK booked a FARMINGTON BANK commercial as the principal, and a YALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH commercial. CT is loving you, girl!

MEGAN LEONARD! FIRST KILL has been out in the theaters as of 7/24! she’s got another one coming out soon, as well! JOE AVELLAR booked the new ADAM SANDLER move called THE WEEK OF, also starring chris rock and steve buscemi! PETER DEGIGLIO got put on hold for an OC web ad for AMAZON WEB SERVICES, and booked a role in a doc about the football player/murderer AARON HERNANDEZ. and AMANDA BRUTON shot two co-stars! one on AMAZON’S THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL and one on HBO’s HIGH MAINTENANCE!

YYYYYYYYAAAAAY, KIDLETS!!!! if i missed anyone, throw me the info, and i’ll get it out on the next one!!!!

teach xox

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ALWAYS MAKES MY DAY!!!! where to begin!

okay! shouuuuuuuuuuut ouuuuuuuuuts!  dear lord, where to begin!
RYAN BESS WINNICK booked a vo spot for AM FAM, and got put on hold for CT LOTTERY! NANCY EVANS left us to go on tour to singapore with SISTER ACT, JON MCCORMICK finished  his show DEAD END at the AXIS COMPANY with rave reviews – check it out —  he also is on hold for a MASTERCARD vo. SARAH PESEK booked a vo for HILTON, her BFF KAIRA KLUEBER booked two spots for MASTERPASS, and….. got her best job EVER ——– she’s a MOM!!!! to a beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD HENRY AJ!!!!!! sigh…so thrilled!  
and ANDY DANISH did vo’s for HARDEES and another industrial for PHILLIPS. PETER DEGIGLIO booked an internal video for CALVIN KLEIN, CARLA CAPRETTO booked YET another spot for GARNIER, as well as a spot for SERTA, my boy bodhi and i got to see SARAH BETH PFEIFER in LIGHTENING THEIF  – which will soon be moving to an even bigger theater, and omg! here she is singing at the DRAMA DESK AWARDS! (they were up for 3 awards, including best musical!!!!)
SARAH BETH also booked a social media vo for BRAVECTO. MEGAN MACPHEE booked these cute SMIRNOFF SPOTS! and OMG, AMANDA BRUTON’S “CONFESSIONS BY CONNIE” was added as an official selection in the NYC FESTIVAL in the SHORT SKETCH COMEDY CATEGORY! ELISABETH NESS booked NOISES OFF at SHADOWLAND STAGES, and wow – check out MIKE MCGOWAN’S MOVANIK spot! so funny. and punny! and check out this review of HAMLET ISN’T DEAD! MERIE CLAIRE ROUSSEL was in it, and i hear it was GREAT. ugh. sorry i can’t be to a lot of your performances, my babies… single parent…
BRIAN CADE… always on fire, yo… narrated a 3 part series, WILD THAILAND, that aired on nat geo, doing more MSG, COSYNTEX TV and MTV promos, TV spots for RACHEL RAY NUTRISH, plus demos plus industrials for VIACOM and PS4. and check out this SAM ADAMS spot voiced by LAURIE HYMES. and check out CAROL JACOBINS’ MARCUM OC SPOT! and TAMAR SCHOENBERG! vo jobs for conEDLOWE’S AND LEXIS NEXIS  – web and industrials.
and BRYNNE KRAYNAK and LIAM LANE both got called back for SAMSUNG, and check out this great review in the NY TIMES of SOOT AND SPIT! go, PEREGRINE HEARD!!!  PEREGRINE also booked more SONOS spots! and check out this funny F#$K BOYS video with COURTNEY SPILLER and crew!
whew! am i all caught up? hope so! AS ALWAYS, LET ME KNOW YOUR GOOD NEWS!!!! ALWAYS MAKES MY DAY!!!!
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Keep up the hard work, because GREAT THINGS HAPPEN when you stay focused…

 And now for some shout-outs… check out JOE AVELLAR’S JOHNNY WALKER blues ad! over 3.5 million views!!! awesome, JOE!  SARAH PESEK booked another spot for BOOKING.COM, and how great are these two spots that CORY STONEBROOK did for MOTO?!  and and check out EMMA LOVE’S MY LITTLE PONY SPOT as well as her CHOBANI spot!
DEBBIE IRWIN booked a SANOFI spot. DAVE WEINSTIEN booked a spot for a banking/mtg. co, and though KAIRA KLUEBER is about to pop with her first babe, she got put on 1st refusal for AMAZON, and YET another WWYD, and last nite, i saw her BUD LITE spot on TV! CHRISTOPHER SCHNEIDER booked a PREMIO SAUSAGE vo, and MATT W. CODY taped an episode of THE INTERCEPTED with jeremy  scahill, and check out matt’s appearance on BLUE BLOODS here:  5/3 – 5/7,
MARIE CLAIRE ROUSEL will be in HAMLET ISN’T DEAD’S HENRY THE IV! a fun, joyous, musical! get tix here:   also check out her pilot of THE NANNIES SERIES  SARAH BETH PFEIFER is currently in THE LIGHTENING THEIF at the LUCILLE LORTEL theater. and guess what?!!!! it’s got THREE drama desk nominations, including best musical!!!! holy caca!
CODY SCHREGER – who is getting hitched next weekend to wonderful DOUG – just booked a LIPTON VO! and MEGAN MACPHEE… recorded 5 spots for CATALINA ISLAND COMPANY, AND 4 spots for a shhhhshshsh…. NDA. will shout the news when the spots go out. and OH! check out ALLEN TATE’S album on SPOTIFY.
you all are killing it, and i’m so proud. keep up the hard work, because GREAT THINGS HAPPEN when you stay focused…
xox Teach
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AMANDA BRUTON booked a role on a new NETFLIX series, and got cast in the 29 hr. reading of the new musical BIG BUCKS! I’ve seen PHOEBE JONAS on a PHILLIPS NAT. NET. commercial twice, and i barely even get the chance to watch TV! RAD!!! CARLA CAPRETTO – as always, is kicking boooooooty. booked a TV DenTek commercial, and GARNIER keeps on booking and booking her. She also booked a LEMTRADA industrial!

MEGAN MACPHEE booked this adorable spot for LAY’S POPPABLES! check it out!   KEVIN GRASMANN booked more spots for MASTERCARD MASTERPASS! here’s one of them:  great, right???! 

CAROL JACOBINS shot an OC spot for MARCUM, completed her 30th audiobook, booked a WAWA OC spot, and worked on a great short film with a direct whose last film was in the CANNES SHORT FILM CORNER! BRIAN CADE… shot an episode of BULL, recorded 2 more KY TV spots, and ArcBest web spot, a TV spot for B’ways AMILIE, recorded demos for KEURIG, still is doing weekly promos for MSG and now is starting to do weekly promos for MTV’S CATFISH! holy ca-ca-do-do! PETER DEGIGLIO booked an internal marketing video for iHeart MEDIA, and got put on hold for PSEG! and check out our CHEF/ACTOR ERICA WIDES! totally cool!



Xo Teach

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hey, kids! SO many shout-outs! I LOVE GOOD NEWS!

hey, kids!   SO many shout-outs! SO many shout-outs, so i’ll get to that now, since this didn’t go out over the weekend…. (and i’m sorry for that but it was my son’s birthday, so i was a bit busy!) so! where to begin… PEREGRINE HEARD booked a MASTERCARD vo, both PETER DEGIGLIO and PAUL HINKES were put on hold for SAMSUNG, and PAUL booked it! RYAN BESS WINNICK has had a shite-ton of call backs for vo’s! OPEN DOORGLINT, and AIRWICK! for OC, eBAY, and IFC/PORTLANDIA! you’re gonna book soon, girl. just wait til that demo’s done! GEORGE PRIMAVERA recorded two spots for MUUNA COTTAGE CHEESECAROL JACOBANIS got called back for VW and had holds for HARVONI and CARMAX!

KATIA HORNING got put on hold for THE NY TIMES and DEVOR, JACQUELINE RAYMOND and RACHEL BURKARDT had callbacks for CREST OC, and SARAH PESEK booked a SIMPLY SMART vo, KAIRA KLUEBER got put on hold for a vaccination for MERCK, and was in a commercial that ran for the SUPERBOWL for BUD LIGHT! SARAH BETH PFEIFER recorded a vo for AUDIBLE, and check out her PC RICHARDS oc spot!

MARSHALL YORK booked a vo for CHICK-FIL-A, and KENDRICK REINCH booked a role on QUANTICO, and AIDAN HART booked a role on BLACKLIST! and check out PATRICK JOHNSON’S ELIQUIS oc SPOT! wow! it’s ALL PATTY!

and i think that’s about it, unless i missed someone! please send me your good news; i LOVE GOOD NEWS!

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It gives me so much JOY watching you peeps move up the ladder…

okay! shout OUTS!  PEREGRINE HEARD got put on 1st refusal for a vo job, and now i can’t remember what it was! all i know is that linda from TAKE ONE sent me a SWEET email, marveling at the awesomeness of my babies!!!! so, PEREGINE, give it up! what was it???! she also booked more spots for SONOS!!!!  SARAH PESEK got put on hold for more DUKE HEALTH, as well as a HOSPITAL vo! CODY SCHREGER booked a BUNCH! ELIZABETH ARDEN, another spot for CT DEPT. OF HEALTH, demos for AIRWICK, AIR OPTIC AND DELPHI!!! everyone go check out EMBERSANDDUST.COM, where you can see the ever-talented VIRGINIA LOGAN doing what she does best. omg… so cool… such a great short, based on the infamous orson welles broadcast of war of the worlds… also check out MEGAN LEONARD IN ARSENAL!!! here’s the trailer!!!

JON MCCORMICK was so great in BLUE BLOODS last week! ANDY DANISH booked VO’s for UTRILITE, WESTINGHOUSE, and IVR for MONEYGRAM! and before ya know it, he’ll be back up on the stage at THE MET!!!! SARAH BETH PFEIFER booked a vo for audible, CARLA CAPRETTO (AKA CARLITA-PEPITA) booked a print job for NOVARTIS, and is on avail for a TV VO spot for SERTA! JESSICA DISALVO booked VISION SOURCE, PAUL HINKES has a callback for an OC NC LOTTERY commercial and ELI BRIDGES booked 10 FREAKIN’ days on BULL!!!! i gotta say… it gives me so much JOY watching you peeps move up the ladder… so badass…

(your very PROUD) “teach”

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Nice round-out, people!!!

So here we go!!!

TRINA MAR was put on avail for CALVIN KLEIN vo, and booked a live commercial as a featured dancer that aired during HAIRSPRAY LIVE, and omg — i had an audition at phantom for SONOS, and mary shows me this list…. clean sweep!!!

ALASKA MCFADDEN, JESSICA DI SALVO, AND PEREGRINE HEARD all got put on hold!!!! OMG!!! PEREGRINE booked all three spots! BRIAN CADE… hmmm. where to start on this last month… he’s still is doing his MSG promos, he’s the voice of NAVY FEDERAL, he recorded 3 spots for KY (still love you brian, even though my brother owns SLIQUID, hehe…) recorded more Tru TV promos, demos for a huge coffee brand (shh top secret for now) more BEN BRIDGE radio and TV tags, a radio spot for CHASE, PRISTIQ TV, and an FDA TV demo… YOWZA!

MEGAN MACPHEE booked a HEALTH QUEST spot, SARAH BETH PFEIFER and SEAN SHANNON booked 2 demos for a new business pitch for a beer (shhhh, another secret) RIGHT OFF OUR DEMOS!!!!! LOVE THAT!!!! PETER DEGIGLIO got cast in 3 non-speaking roles for the documentary-style show MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM on the TRAVEL CHANNEL, booked a radio spot for vermont lottery, got put on hold for DENNY’S, and BUD! and while i’m at it, RYAN ANDES got put on hold for BUD, too! KATIA HORNING booked 5 spots for HASBRO – 4 for MY LITTLE PONY, and one for TROLLS! CAROL JACOBANIS booked a spot for AUDIBLE!
ALLEN TATE has all sorts of performances with his own music and SAN FERMIN as well! follow him on twitter to get all the info!!! go allen!@avtate. and download his solo album! it’s awesome! ANDY DANISH!!!!! back up on that stage in the super ensemble of NYC OPERA’S production of CANDIDE at LINCOLN CTR, director, HAROLD PRINCE!!! KAIRA KLUEBER callbacks for VERIZON oc, booked a NAT. NET. BUD LIGHT oc commercial, and booked more ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO’ episodes! SARAH PESEK booked a vo for DUKE HEALTH! CARLA CAPRETTO recorded three more GARNIER SPOTS, more XOLAIR spots, and check out her new KAY JEWELERS SPOT! COURTNEY SPILLER booked a CITIBANK spot! and almost forgot — SEAN SHANNON booked a CUMBERLAND FARMS vo, and ELI BRIDGES and VIRGINIA LOGAN both booked a NAT. NET. VERIZON OC commercial! MAGGIE POLITI got put on hold for COPPERTONE! 

nice round-out, people!!!

Teach xox

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Now for some shout-outs! !

Now for some shout-outs! SO. if you see some new SWIFFER spots running on tv and wonder who that new voice is… it’s SARAH BETH PFEIFER! so thrilled they keep using you, girl. hope you’re their “new voice of!” certainly is looking like it! COREY STONEBOOK booked POPEYE’S, as well as SONIC, with damon harrison from the NY giants! MATT HARRIS booked a BOUNTY radio spot! CAROL JACOBANIS booked a vo for an OXICLEAN HD test spot right off OUR DEMO!

she’s also shooting a role in a documentaty on the photographer rodney smith, AND got put on hold for BRILINTA, as well as a REVLON print job! ALASKA MCFADDEN got a first refusal for ADIDAS! MERIEL DAY booked two vo’s for MAGNIFLEX! PETER DEGIGLIO got cast in FLAT AND GENTLY SLOPING TOWARD THE BAY by brian hugh, in the ONE ACT PLAY FESTIVAL. BOTH my ABRAMS girls –

MAGGIE POLITI and ALYSON LEIGH ROSENFELD were put put on avail for ULTA, and ALY booked the 5 spots for them! LIAM LANE had an AWESOME guest starring role on LAW AND ORDER, KAIRA KLUEBER was put on 1st for a pharma print job for CUVITRU, got put on hold for JC PENNY and TD AMERITRADE! ANDY DANISH did an industrial for PRUDENTIAL, and ANIMAL CHARACTERS in P KING DUCKLING airing next month on DISNEY JR! check out the link!

AVA KANTOR booked an AVO for OA! and SARAH PESEK got put on 1st for AMERICAN BEAUTY PASTA, avails for CMS MEDICARE SERVICES, and a booking for a BIRCHBOX holiday spot, as well as FIDELITY, and ON STAR! CARLA CAPRETTO got put on avail for more XOLAIR, and booked SERTA! and check out this cool article on ALLEN TATE! his music is so awesome. double thumbs up from my BODHI-O. and looks like GEORGE PRIMAVERA’S on first refusal for BMAT OPIATE ADDICTION TREATMENT… and tonite, i hope some of you got to catch the wildly funny ERICA WIDES at the PIT, performing her LAUGHING SALAD FACE as part of SOLOCOM! yay,

ERICA!also ran into NANCY EVANS at NICK RONAN’S screening of his amazing short VINYL UNDERGROUND, as part of the NY SHORT FEST. and one last thing… had an amazing experience watching so MANY of your movies at the iPhone FILM FEST, from amazing BRAD CALCATERRA’S ‘THE STUDIO. can’t say enough great things about the talent that fills that room… and the sense of community, love, and collaboration goes beyond anything i can imagine. you people rock… THE STUDIO was also featured on HBO’s VICE, and a few people from HBO were at the film fest as well.


Teach xox

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You rocked it. You all make me CONTINUE to love doing what i do!

okay — now for some shout-outs, my wonderful babies! BRETT ARESCO was put on 1st refusal for an EQUINOX vo, and recorded more SUBWAY spots! ELI BRIDGES – who kicked ARSE last nite at dixon place for NHB – is about to start shooting in a feature film, and also recorded more spots for SUBWAY! SARAH BETH PFEIFER has two nat. network SWIFFER spots running,

PETER DEGIGLIO booked an internal spot for DELOITTE! SARAH PESEK booked a vo for PROCTOR&GAMBLE, and got put on hold for  AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE, JAMIE MORRIS booked DIME BANK, and got put on 1st ref. for PRO-AIR INHALER! MAGGIE POLITI – who just signed with ABRAMS –  got put on hold for a PHARMA, TAMAR SCHOENBERG, CARLA CAPRETTO, AND BRIAN CADE ALL GOT PUT ON HOLD FOR PREGO!!!

JASON GRIFFITH – recorded spots for NICORETTE/NICODERM, ALMAY, VIBERZI, demos for DEER PARK, INVOKANA, and VERIZON tv and radio… NANCY EVANS  – another of you NHB amazing performers – booked a vo for a PHARMA, and a part in a FEATHER LENGTH FILM!  RYAN BESS WINNICK got put on 1st refusal for METRO PCS, AND 3 commercial callbacks last week, incl. one v/o!!! and MERIEL DAY booked a BLOOMBERG radio spot!!! yippeeeeee!!!!

ANDY DANISH and CAITLIN DAVIES got nominated for a VO arts awards! CAITLIN’S was for DRAGON BLOOD and now has been cast as SISTER JAMES in OCEAN STATE THEATER’s production of DOUBT!

JIM O’HARE narrated a new SAG documentary “WHERE’S JOHNNY FLEISCHMANN,” produced/wrote/co-starred in a new SAG short called “TROUBLE” and booked a nat. net. spot for BOOST! MEGAN MACPHEE got put on hold for VO APPELLATE, METRO PCS,  HASBRO, and THEN had a callback! CARLA CAPRETTO recorded TWO PURINA CAT CHOW demos yesterday!

oh! almost forgot to shout out the kiddos from my last class. you rocked it. you all make me CONTINUE to love doing what i do. ALL OF YOU!!!

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This has been another AWESOME few weeks : )

News from Doriane Elliott
hello, amazing students!

well, this has been another AWESOME few weeks for a lot of you, and i must say, kudos to so MANY of you – omg – you’re soooooooo getting your acts together! (literally!) your demos, your shots, your ACTING REELS, your websites!!!! i LOVE THAT!!!! and my gawd, all the holds and bookings…. so proud, so proud

And now for shout-outs… wow, so many, so once again, get comfortable… congrats to ANDY DANISH! the NATION LAMPOON COMEDY ALBUM was released, and ANDY’S in it! yay!!! he also booked a vo for the NJ DEVILS, an industrial for TOM TOM, and got put on hold for ADR for a DAVID MARQUETTE MOVIE! NADIA VYNNYTSKY booked an OC commercial for SMIRNOFF. BRETT ARESCO booked another SUNTRUST vo, KAIRA KLUEBER got put on hold for NFL, HEWLETT PACKARD, and BOOKED SUBWAY and CARRABAS! SAT CHARN FOX got put on hold for a LMN ROLE, as well as SUNTRUST, and AMOS WOLFE booked a role on MADAM SECRETARY (and it’s sounding like it’s recurring!!! fingers crossed!!!) CAROL JACOBINS is keeping busy, for SURE! she sang backup for TIM TUTTLE and his band at the cutting room for a tribute to GROUND ZERO.

CAROL also booked vo’s for CITIDIRECT, BAY CREEK REAL ESTATE, AND TOUJEO. SHE ALSO BOOKED voice of BRILINTA! PETER DEGIGLIO is doing GREAT! THREE bookings and a hold this month! bookings were PREVAIL, HUMIRA, and NANDO’S PERI PERI CHICKEN, and the hold was BOSTON MUSEUM OF SCIENCE. ALISON BURKE booked 2 MORE spots in an educational series that AOL will be running in sept! and check out ALLEN TATE’S song releases! awesome!!! and looks like the album is coming out soon! and

CARLA CAPRETTO booked MOVADO/KAY JEWELERS CAMPAIGN! – nat’l network, cable, and all new media! and she had a callback for an OC PRILOSEC commercial! SARAH PESEK‘s SO on a roll, holy cow! booked an equity role for a reading of KRIS KRINGLE THE MUSICAL that will take place next month at the davenport, she’s on avail for P&G and has a callback for an OC for UNSICK DAYS, and booked a role for SEGGIS! and check out ELI BRIDGES’ MAMA JUKE every TUE. nite at E. village social (aka E.V.S – 126 st. marks. Eli also booked a part in a film called NO ALTERNATIVE. 11 days of filming! and OMG, can’t wait til the GOTTI film comes out, cuz MEGAN LEONARD’S GONNA BE ALL OVER IT, YO!!! GIRL’S ON FIRE! SARAH BETH PFEIFER was put on hold for TWO OC COMMERCIALS – one for a PHARMA, and the other – which she BOOKED – for PC RICHARDS!!! she also got put on hold for for a CITY MD vo!

PEREGRINE HEARD was put on hold for SENSIMIST, BRIAN CADE booked TV and internet for KY, and a big promo job – that he’ll be doing ongoing from home from his newly updated studio! KEVIN GRASMANN is the voice of nat. net. MASTER CARD – MASTER PASS commercials (WITH MORE SPOTS TO COME!) MEGAN MACPHEE got put on hold for HASBRO, and check out her cute PSA!
TAMAR SCHOENBERG booked a vo for the NATIONAL CONSUMER PANEL, and APPELLATE RADIO! ALASKA MCFADDEN booked a role in a feature film! omg — is that IT?! (kidding.)




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